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Ginning things up to look courageous and Israel into the bad guy.

The video is here, i’m currently away from my main PC so I can’t capture it and load it to YT, but the video and the article, though he tries to paint the (supposed) Israeli strike as targeting civilians, fails to show Israel acting outside legal guidelines. They (supposedly fired a warning strike, then he explains, everyone knew what it was, and then what would follow. So Israel in fact warns the citizenry of impending strikes. Then the journo (who was no way near the strike, he had to run to it before being turned around) explains that the main strike hit an empty sand lot.’

YLE’s Antti Kuronen claims that he hadn’t heard a rocket go off in the area (as if Israel just lobs rockets for nothing) but fails to remind the reader that it might have been a case of spotting a rocket launch team or something of the same caliber,  and acted against it. Either way, YLE tries to make a veiled equivelence between Israel and Hamas, but ends up proving that Israel acts within the confines of International law.

sand box

– Afterwards, we heard that the house had survived the attack, that is, no one of them had died. The rocket hit apparently an undeveloped sand field, which was nearby a house, the reporter says.

YLE reporter narrowly escaped a rocket attack in the Gaza Strip in the city center – video

Overseas 08/08/2014 17:16 | Updated 08/08/2014 at 17:41

YLE reporter Antti Kuronen narrowly escaped a rocket fired at the center of the Gaza Strip. Video, taken in a residential building close to the strike,  there were no casualties.

Gaza, the Yle News reporter Antti Kuronen today, Friday, narrowly escaped a rocket attack at the center of the Gaza Strip.

– We were in the center of Gaza going to do an interview when one of the smaller rockets hit some distance away, and we were asked to take a look. In a small house, where we went, people were hysterical in the aftermath of the attack.

Those present in the house realized that more was coming.

– We realized that the rocket had hit close and that it was a warning rocket. We ran away, and shortly after the rocket hit big time close to us.

Kuronen was not able to accurately assess their distance from the attack, but the video shows how a dust cloud from the rocket covers him and his camera.

More at YLE (in Finnish)

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