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Hammer meets nail head. 

Mark Levin RIPS Jon Stewart Leibowitz “You oughta hear his jokes about the Holocaust, he’s got a million of them!”

By The Right Scoop

Mark Levin didn’t find Jon Stewart’s segment on Israel last night very funny at all. In fact he ripped Stewart up pretty good, even jesting that Stewart has millions of jokes about the Holocaust that are “very funny.”

Stewart mocked, if not smeared Israel in how it has been handling its bombing campaign, suggesting that the Palestinians are getting far worse treatment from Israel than they should be, completely ignoring the facts of what is really going on.

At the end of the segment Levin notes “I despise the self-haters, I really do. I despise them.”


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  1. Winning moral high ground is losers

    Well worth a read.

    And here a report that one of Hamas’s rockets has destroyed a power line by which Israel supplies electricity to Gaza. Yes -Israel supplies electricity, water and much else to an entity that is at war with it. NB: Hamas has not paid its water or electricity bills.

    Hamas wants Israel to repair the damage NOW. Or else the world and the BBC will be informed of the collective punishment that Israel is inflicting on civilians, women and children.

    1. Thanks DP111, it was an excellent article. The moral high ground is a game plan for losers for sure.

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