Wipe em all out, it’s the only way to defeat them.


Thousands of rockets launched from Gaza raining down throughout Israel. Israeli homes being destroyed by missiles. Air raid sirens going off, giving Israeli civilians less than a minute to find shelter. Millions of Israeli civilians traumatized running for bomb shelters. Sound familiar?

The year was 2012.

The latest conflict is almost an exact replay, with the exception of the fact that Hamas today started this round with nearly 10,000 Iranian made rockets with the capability of reaching every square inch of Israel.

In the last 24 hours, the diplomatic blogosphere has been abuzz with reports of a cease-fire plan put forth by Egypt and aggressively pushed by the United States. Israel accepted the terms of the cease-fire and suspended attacks on Gaza. However, Hamas rejected it and continues to launch missiles.

Hamas’ rejection of the cease-fire should disabuse anyone of the notion that its primary interest is to do anything to enhance the lives of Palestinians; rather, its foremost goal is to destroy the nation to its east and murder all of its in inhabitants. The safety and well-being of Palestinians living in Gaza is the furthest thing from the mind of its bankrupt leadership.

Let’s go back to the months leading up to, and including, November 2012, when Hamas unleashed thousands of rockets across Israel. Predictably, Israel responded by attacking the Hamas infrastructure in Gaza. (Imagine what you would expect the U.S. government to do if suddenly thousands of rockets and missiles hailed down into California, Texas, and Arizona from Mexico. Don’t think for too long. Mexico would in short order cease to exist.) But the rules are different for Israel. Rather than allowing Israel to finish the job and protect its citizens from a terrorist-controlled government on its border bent on its destruction, the Obama administration forced Israel on Nov. 22, 2012 to agree to a hastily-negotiated cease-fire unofficially accepted by Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The similarities between November 2012 and July 2014 are uncanny. Then, as now, Hamas deliberately hid its rockets, missiles, bomb factories, and terrorist headquarters in civilian areas: hospitals, mosques, kindergartens, and schools, effectively forcing all Hamas civilians living in those institutions to become involuntary human shields.

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