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Lord Dhimmi of Foscote

As mentioned in last night’s news feed, a British peer named Lord Scott suggested yesterday that more people should marry Muslims as a way of improving “relationships between faith groups”. During his brief speech in the House of Lords, Lord Scott mentioned as supporting evidence the fact that two of his children, one male and one female, had converted to Islam and married Muslims.

One can but wonder: did Lord Scott, as a result of the famous cluelessness so common among British aristocrats, accidentally let the cat out of the bag? Is the conversion of members of the landed gentry in Britain a growing trend? Is the British aristocracy in fact becoming Islamic in anticipation of what lies ahead?

It would be a prudent move on their part — they would remain the ruling class, acting as emirs under the new Caliph. Those who act now will get to keep their country estates and privileges — and even acquire new ones! And no respected Islamic peer has to give up any of his little, ahem, customary pastimes, provided he continue to be discreet about them.

How many, including Prince Charles, are low-key converts? No formal announcement is needed: one simply says the shahada in front of a trusted imam who understands the utility of recruiting high-ranking converts whilst keeping the proceedings quiet. And, at the same time, keep knighting more Muslims such as Baroness Warsi, adding them to the peerage.

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  1. The History channel showed a program in the UK a few years ago about the conversos (spelling ?). It was about the Reconquista and the landed gentry in medieval Spain. Their choices were conversion to Catholicism and the retention of land and power or the loss of land and power. Unsurprisingly most chose to convert, if what you say is happening is true there is precedent for it.

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