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The newest totalitarian religion on the block.

It’s a nihilistic (and yes, messianic) movement bent on the total deconstruction of our nation states, to be redesigned/reconstructed according to their utopian dogma. This could only take place in a West devoted to democratic despotism, caring not (nor trusting not) in the people they’ve sworn to represent.

NOTE: Elsewhere this kind of cultural displacement is called colonialist imperialism and disdained, in the West it’s called multiculturalism and celebrated. Take note in how the multiculturlists never demand that the 3rd world ”multiculturalize itself”.

Burnt Offerings on the Altar of MultiCulturalism

Written by: Diana West From July 18, 2005, still tragically topical:
Sunday, June 22, 2014 12:14 PM  

Only one faith on Earth may be more messianic than Islam: multiculturalism.

Without it — without its fanatics who believe all civilizations are the same — the engine that projects Islam into the unprotected heart of Western civilization would stall and fail. It’s as simple as that. To live among the believers — the multiculturalists — is to watch the assault, the jihad, take place un-repulsed by our suicidal societies. These societies are not doomed to submit; rather, they are eager to do so in the name of a masochistic brand of tolerance that, short of drastic measures, is surely terminal.

I’m not talking about our soldiers, policemen, rescue workers and, now, even train conductors, who bravely and steadfastly risk their lives for civilization abroad and at home. Instead, I’m thinking about who we are as a society at this somewhat advanced stage of war. It is a strange, tentative civilization we have become, with leaders who strut their promises of “no surrender” even as they flinch at identifying the foe. Four years past 9/11, we continue to shadow-box “terror,” even as we go on about “an ideology of hate.” It’s a script that smacks of sci-fi fantasy more than realpolitik. But our grim reality is no summer blockbuster, and there’s no special-effects-enhanced plot twist that is going to thwart “terror” or “hate” in the London Underground anymore than it did on the roof of the World Trade Center. Or in the Bali nightclub. Or on the first day of school in Beslan. Or in any disco, city bus or shopping mall in Israel.

Body bags, burn masks and prosthetics are no better protections than make-believe. But these are our weapons, according to the powers that be. These, and an array of high-tech scopes and scanners designed to identify retinas and fingerprints, to detect explosives and metals — ultimately, I presume, as we whisk through the automatic supermarket door. How strange, though, that even as we devise new ways to see inside ourselves to our most elemental components, we also prevent ourselves from looking full-face at the danger to our way of life posed by Islam.

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  1. Thank you Diana for phrasing the nihilistic ‘”multiculturalist creed” into a nutshell:

    “Take note in how the multiculturlists never demand that the 3rd world ”multiculturalize itself”” where the ” same kind of cultural displacement is called colonialist imperialism .”

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