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Sweden Democrats outshine The Finns party.

In trying to become liked by the status quo and be ‘normalized’,  The Finns party gave a stiff arm to  UKIP’s EU group in the fake EU parliament. The SD are the party to watch in Scandinavian politics, being in the crucible has hardened these politicians to criticism and honed their principles and guiding philosophy.

Sweden Democrats join Ukip in EU group

Sweden Democrats join Ukip in EU group

Kristina Winberg is an MEP for the Sweden Democrats. Photo: TT

Published: 18 Jun 2014 17:59 GMT+02:00

The politicians from Sweden will be part of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group, along with 46 other MEPs from parties including Ukip and Italy’s Five Star Movement.

The news was welcomed by Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson.

“It’s a huge pleasure that we’ve got past this group issue,” he told the party’s Samtiden newspaper.

“We’re now members of an EU-critical group led by Nigel Farage, who must be considered to be Europe’s leading figure when it comes to stopping EU federalism and power shifting from member states to Brussels. This will create good opportunities for our party group during the mandate period.”

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