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“Sunni kids should not play with Shias”

He sees an increasing divide between Sunnis and Shias in Finland.

Jaafar al-Mosawi.
Jaafar al-Mosawi Image: Yle

“My friend’s little brother says that some children won’t play with him because he is a Shia. Parents are teaching their kids that Sunni children should not play with Shias,” al-Bazoon told Yle.

Jaafar al-Mosawi, who says he recently returned from two months in Iraq, sees the situation there as grim.

“I get information about what’s going on through Facebook and by calling my family there,” he said. He backed the demonstration’s call for EU support for the Iraqi government.

“Even a small bit of support would help, but I doubt it will happen,” al-Mosawi said.

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3 Responses

  1. americans worry that isis veterans will perpetrate another 9/11 terror event in the u.s.
    but europeans should worry about shia/sunni groups fighting it out in the streets of paris, london and malmo, etc. as this heats up, people will get caught in the crossfire.

  2. When the most militant religion in the world has a schism, there WILL be bloodshed. When the kids won’t play, the adults are sharpening their halal knives. I’m curious though where Finland’s muslims come from mostly.

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