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Every time you hear about an ‘interfaith outreach’ with Islam involved, just remind yourself that the event will be used by the Muslims as solely as an opportunity for advancing the cause of Islam.

The following situation took place at the Vatican under the auspices of the Pope and his cardinals with the leaders of Israel and the Paleostinian Authority. The Vatican’s own YouTube video of the event can be seen here, in which an imam recites a carefully scripted text, but veers from it briefly to utter the following words:

‘May Allah give us victory over the disbelieving people’.

To underline the seriousness of what took place, Vatican officials removed the 15 second or so offensive portion from its own ”official version”, which only goes to further validate the claims of what was actually spoken in Arabic to those present, and to the entire world, which includes the Arabic speaking world as well.

What a propaganda opportunity exploited to the max, compounded by the Vatican’s stupidity, before (for arranging the event in the first place) and after (for censoring its own video to cover up what just happened).

Many thanks to both Gates of Vienna and its translator, as well as to Vlad for subtitling the uncensored version, and who promises more to come in the next 24 hrs.

Vlad: Andrew Bostom observed the following about two of the last 3 verses of the Koran’s second sura, or chapter cited by the Muslim imam (i.e., verses 2:284, 2:285, and 2:286), as interpreted by two very important, authoritative Koranic commentaries, one by Qurtubi (d. 1273), and the other by Shafi (d. 1976)

Qurtubi (d. 1273) was a Muslim scholar of the Maliki school of jurisprudence and an expert on hadith who was also well-known for his commentary on the Koran. Qurtubi’s glosses on 2:285 and 2:286, includes these remarks:

[From, Tafsir al-Qurtubi: Classical Commentary of the Holy Qur’an, Vol. 1, 2003, London, p. 762,  regarding 2:285,  “We hear and obey”]

He [Allah] praised them in this ayat and removed from them the hardship they experienced about thoughts which occur to them. This favor is the fruit of obedience and devotion to Allah. What happened to the tribe of Israel was the opposite of that. They were censured and made to endure the hardships of abasement, wretchedness and exile since they said “We hear and disobey” (see Koran 2:93 and 4:46). Such is the result of disobedience and recalcitrance to Allah.

[From, Tafsir al-Qurtubi: Classical Commentary of the Holy Qur’an, Vol. 1, 2003, London, p. 767,  regarding 2:286, “Lay not on us a burden like that which You did lay on those before us (Jews and Christians)”]

“They endured hard things”…refers to being turned into pigs and monkeys (i.e., the Jews, Koran 5:60)…it means wrong actions for which there is no repentance or expiation.

Mufti Muhammad Shafi (d. 1976) was the author of Maariful Qur’an, which is the best-known work of tafsir (Koranic commentary) in Urdu. He also wrote more than three hundred books. In addition to his literary works, Mufti Muhammad Shafi broadcasted tafsir of the Koran on Radio Pakistan for a number of years. Here are relevant extracts from the Maariful Qur’an glosses  on Koran 2:285 and 2:286:

[on verse 2:285; from p. 722 of Maariful Qur’an, Vol. 1, Karachi, 2009]:

 …it was clearly stressed that the believers of this ummah (Muslim community will do nothing that was done by past communities when they planted seeds of discord among messengers of Allah by accepting some as prophets and by denying the status of others. The Jews accepted Moses was a prophet, the Christians accepted that Jesus was a prophet, but that the last of the prophets, Mujammad was a prophet was not accepted by them.

[on verse 2:286; from p. 724 of Maariful Qur’an, Vol. 1, Karachi, 2009;  After quoting from the verse, “Lay not on us a burden like that which You did lay on those before us (Jews and Christians); our Lord! Put not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear.]

…Indicated here are the sever restrictions placed on the Israelites [Jews]…Alternately it could mean that punishment should not visit us [Muslims] as it visited the Israelites following their evil deeds. In short, Allah Almighty bestowed His best when He promised the acceptance of all these prayers through his Messenger, the last among the, prophets.

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