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Next president Rivlin declares: Long live Israel

LAST UPDATED: 06/10/2014 16:39

After winning presidency, Rivlin vows to rehabilitate the public’s trust after the election campaign harmed the public’s view of the presidency: Netanyahu: Rivlin’s mission is to unite society and represent Israel abroad.

Likud MK Reuven Rivlin thanked his fellow candidates afterwinning Tuesday’s presidential election, saying to runner-up Meir Sheetrit, “What a fight you gave.”

“We are at the end of a long, exciting election campaign. The public’s trust in the presidency was harmed,” Rivlin stated.

“As president I must rehabilitate that trust. I will continue to serve the public faithfully,” he said.

Rivlin said he had been a Likud politician for many years, but would be forced as president to leave his long-time political home.

He also bid farewell to the Knesset, saying, “I was here for seven terms, stood at the Knesset’s head for two of them and experienced the life force of Israeli democracy.”

“Long live Israel!” Rivlin declared

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanayhu congratulated Rivlin on his victory at the official toast for the election’s victor.

He said that Rivlin was part of the “legacy of Zionism.”

“As a man of the Land of Israel and Israel’s first citizen, you have two missions: to bring all the parts of the society together and to represent Israel to the world,” Netanyahu said.

“These two missions you will fulfill as the president to the best of your ability,” Netanyahu said, thanking Rivlin for his years of service.

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