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Who says Islam/Muslims aren’t imperialist?

Just think if Turkey has EU membership, we would see much, much more of this, even arrest warrants out for those who criticized Islam or Islamic leaders. Remember, in Islamic thinking, the facts (truth to the matter) means little if nothing at all, it’s the feeling of being slighted or ”insulted” that carries the automatic verdict of guilty.

NOTE: Even in Finland, when the state prosecuted Jussi Halla-aho for supposedly ”offending religious sensibilities”, though the facts speak otherwise.

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Erdogan’s attack brings Özdemir at risk

The message of the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan in direction of Greens Chairman is tough: This is not a “real” Turk more. The security Cem Özdemir is thus in danger. Claus Christian Malzahn From

Özdemir (right) is a "so-called Turk" who had "very ugly things" told in connection with his controversial campaign appearance in Cologne about him, railed Erdogan (left)

Photo: REUTERS / pa / dpaÖzdemir (right) is a “so-called Turk” who had “very ugly things” told in connection with his controversial campaign appearance in Cologne about him, railed Erdogan (left)

If you look at the mid-1990s in Bonn on the Rhine with the young members of parliament Cem Özdemir wanted to make an appointment, gave a single table in a café or restaurant sometimes not.

The young Green appeared for interviews and background briefings in the southern city often accompanied by two, sometimes even three gentlemen.

The did not talk much, wore dark suits and sat down mostly to where we had the best view of the whole restaurant. Özdemir’s companions were bodyguards fromFederal .

The ethnic Turkish parliamentarians had been arranged by the German services at that time in the security levels 2 and 3 – a higher risk situation have only interior minister and chancellor. Almost always Özdemir was accompanied on his appointments by armed officers of the BKA.

Not only German neo-Nazis “interested” in him. Also, Turkish and Kurdish nationalists, as he called himself at the time, being targeted the “Anatolian Swabian”. Özdemir received regular ugly letters to death threats, open hostility on the street were not uncommon.

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  1. Smoke and mirrors!

    Cem Özdemir is the slime!

    Another headbanger under false ‘moderate’ flag. Oze is in no way threatened, I’m certain that he fundamentally agrees with Erdogan.

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