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From his Royal Highness Sheik Yer’Mami (pbuh)

Turkish Occupiers of Northern Cyprus Demand Voting Rights in the EU

by SHEIKYER MAMI on MAY 26, 2014

There is no end to Turkish  insolence and megalomania. Make outrageous demands, never back down and pretend you are deadly insulted when you don’t get your way. (Works like a charm.  Turkish wannabe caliph Erdogan shows them how its done, every day.)

Turkish Cypriots turned away from EP polling stations
Turkish Cypriots turned away from EP polling stationsAlev Tugberk, a candidate in the election from Action group, said around 40,000 Turkish Cypriots were prevented from casting their ballots on dubious grounds, and their right to vote was not respected.

UN urges Greek Cypriots to compensate Turkish Cypriots

Steal a country, destroy its churches, rape the women and murder its male population, and then get the UN to demand compensation for your troubles:

The United Nations Convention against Torture has urged the Greek Cypriot administration to pay compensation for the Turkish Cypriots who went missing between 1963-1974 to ease tensions, after releasing a report.

A report released by the United Nations Convention against Torture also called on the Greek Cypriot authorities to allow better visitation rights for Turkish Cypriot prisoners in Greek Cypriot jails.

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  1. But but but but Turkey invaded us! Doesn’t matter, kneel to your masters.

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