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Islam 101.

This is what supremacism (Islamic variant) does to the mind, as well as to the non-Arab Muslim who is in fear of his life and ”knows his place”. This is the real nature of Saudi Islam, and it’s played out on the ”lower levels” in Arab and non-Arab Muslim countries with their own minorities. Just think of what Christians and Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Zoroastrians and animists have had to endure at the hands of these people.

NOTE: Just think of all the stories of Filipino and Bangladeshi maids having been brutalized/murdered by their Saudi bosses. The TT uncovered the Deema al-Turkki al-Saud story in which the princess had brutalized her staff as well the more recent incident in biting the cheek of the male member of her staff.

Commenter Charles Singh has the following to say, though I disagree with saying that ”they deserve it”, he brings a lot of very good points to the forefront, as well as forwarding the TT this video from 2013.

Watch this powerful youtube video of the most shocking abuse of a Bangladeshi worker in Saudi Arabia. It exposes the inhumane nature of Arabs and their religion. Serve the bangladeshi’s and pakistanis right.They have no dignity and suffer from inferiority complex. They adopted Arab religion, and copy arab names and dress. In return, Arabs treat them like dogs, spit on them and make them kiss their feet – literally as you will see in their video. Bangladeshis and pakistanis deny their Indian heritage. They prefer to be owned by the Arabs. They see Arabs as their masters. For them cleaning the shit of Arabs is an honor. That’s how demeaning these sub-continent muslims are. The most shameful thing in the world is to deny your heritage. Europe gives subcontinent muslims so much, yet they create all kinds of commotion and make all kinds of demands. See how they are treated in saudi arabia, and how conquered they are.

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