Muslim persecution of Jews



This is all too common nowadays.

This is the result of all the West’s aid money soaked up by ruling Pali thugs, who were supposedly bound by signed agreements to prepare its citizens for an eventual peaceful solution with the Jewish state of Israel.

Report: Palestinians attack Israeli in Berlin

04/27/2014 04:23

The group confronted the man earlier in the day and asked him about his nationality. They returned later to attack.

Palestinian protest Berlin

Protestors wave with Palestinian flags and shout slogans during a demonstration in Berlin Photo: REUTERS
A group of six  Palestinian youths punched an Israeli in the face on Friday in Berlin after they questioned him about citizenship.

The 31-year-old Israeli filed a criminal complaint, according to the daily BZ newspaper. The paper titled its article ”Anti-Semitism: Punched in the face because he is Israeli.”

The BZ reported that the Israeli left his apartment with his wife and was confronted by a group of six young men. The youths surrounded the man and his wife, and struck his face. His wife was not injured. According to the report, the youths insulted him.

The Israeli told police that the same group of youths asked him about his nationality earlier in the day in front of his building. He replied that he is Israeli. The youths told him in Arabic that they are Palestinians and they made derogatory remarks about the Jewish state.

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  1. There IS a cure for Islam. It’s called “Intelligence”. But the hard part that Muslims don’t like is,…acquiring it.

  2. Many muslims hate non-muslims, particularly Jews, as mandated in the Islamic unholy texts. Yet when you highlight this fact, muslims and their naïve useful-idiot allies accuse YOU of being hateful, intolerant and “islamophobic”. If I remember correctly, this is like the book 1984 where the definitions of true and false are reversed.

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