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One of the few remaining British politicians who truly, really gets it.


Poor old Britain is in a terrible state. Whilst the obscenity of the last Labour government is mostly to blame for this, they were not alone in the cultural and racial war which has been waged against the British people over the last half-century.

Today’s Conservative party under the leadership of David Cameron is hardly any better and such has been the all-encompassing assault on who we once were that it is now hard to find any social group which has not been betrayed.

For example:


They sacrificed so much, indeed died in their hundreds of thousands in order that our generation could live in freedom. Today, those still alive are sidelined and ignored by the socialist ruling classes, who consider the culture and politics of these aged warriors to be wildly out of tune with modern liberal group-think.

A book was published a few years ago called The Unknown Warriors which collated the stories and concerns of this greatest, yet disregarded people. And it is a heartbreaking read. Over and over again these brave and stoic people mentioned one word – betrayal.

Their principal concerns were the submission of vast swathes of British cities to various foreign entities without due recourse to the democratic process, coupled with the bitter irony of handing over their bloodily-defended democracy to an unelected, dictatorial, foreign power in Brussels.

One particularly harrowing story was that of the extraordinary bravery shown by a Lancaster bomber rear-gunner, who continued to climb into his turret time and time again even as he saw scores of his friends killed in the most horrific ways imaginable.

His bravery has been betrayed though, because he is now reduced to a prisoner within his own house, too frightened to go outside because of the violence and abuse he receives from socialist-educated children as young as nine.

His despairing voice can be heard through another Royal Air Force veteran, who remarked eloquently of his comrades who had made the ultimate sacrifice for their country: “I mourned them then, but now surviving in a world indifferent to their hopes and dreams, I grieve more for the living.”


Mostly too young to fight World War II, they are nonetheless similarly excluded from modern liberal society. Their views on marriage, homosexuality, morality, Christianity, patriotism and race, duty, honour, chivalry and decency makes them the enemy of socialist ideology.

In Africa, the elderly are treated with respect as learned human beings. In Britain the elderly are just vilified for defying the socialist revolution, and as such are simply an embarrassing clutch of old dodderers who can be safely labelled as extremist whilst their views are carefully withheld from the young – who incidentally, and quite literally, frighten the life out of the elderly.

They watch in bemusement and horror as the politicians and the mainstream media force a degraded culture upon their country. They shiver in front of single-bar electric fires, wondering whether they can afford to eat AND stay warm.

They watch their carefully amassed life-savings eroded as the politicians and bankers artificially manipulate interest rates and inflation rates to benefit only themselves, and they shake their heads at stories of Iraqis and Somalis living in luxuriously equipped million-pound houses in which to house their teeming broods, all paid for by the state.


Who would be young in Britain today? They have been schooled in liberal/ progressive ideology from the moment they set foot in kindergarten. Although filled with a wholly misguided sense of self-esteem, they require remedial classes in reading and writing when they go to university (as some 50% now do) and have no conception of what they do NOT know.

They view their historic culture as one of imperialism, oppression and racism. They have no notion of respect, civility, dignity, Christianity, duty, honour, integrity or patriotism.

Propagandised all their lives in the ideologies of moral relativism, cultural relativism and multiculturalism, they are blissfully unaware that everything they believe in can only lead to the loss of everything they presently take for granted.

When they leave university they take with them debts in the tens of thousands of pounds and compete for jobs that pay salaries that can never enable them to buy the immigration-driven grotesquely priced houses that were once affordable to their parents.

Many turn to drink and drugs in the moral and spiritual vacuum built for them by the Left, and stagger around the streets of British cities and towns in a booze-fuelled orgy of tattooed promiscuity and violence that shocks and horrifies the rest of the civilised world.

They do not understand that their own world is rapidly changing. The last 50 years saw a peaceful and relentless rise in prosperity, but that is now over. Where once there were 10 workers to every retiree, there will soon be only 2 to 1.

Their future is therefore bankrupt. There will be no pensions when they are old. They may well have to work until they drop and already there is talk of raising the retirement age to 70. They are the lost generation and these poor, deluded, brainwashed children do not even know it.


What sort of country will they inherit? In 2050 a person born today will be only 36 years old, but he will find himself nearing racial minority status in his own homeland.

In 1950 whites made up 25% of the global population. Today they number only 9% and by 2050 will be a mere 5%. This may not have mattered greatly, but Britain makes up only 1% of the habitable land mass and 1% of the world population and we have opened our doors to the demographically explosive Third World.

The history of man is war and wars are always fought along tribal and religious lines. The mass importation of Muslim tribes and Muslim religion into Britain can only guarantee future violence.

Whether it can be contained in intra-country civil conflict is yet to be known, but it is likely that what will start out as a carbon copy of the recent Yugoslav conflict must only and logically lead to a potential World War III.


Although the majority of the British identify themselves as Christian, our ruling class has no time for such an outdated and oppressive ideology. As Tony Blair’s enforcer, Alastair Campbell so memorably stated: “We don’t do God” – a view shared by the unelected socialist dictators within the European Union who refuse to recognise the influence of Christianity in the cultural formation of Europe.

Christians are persecuted and vilified in Britain, be they nurses who wish to wear a cross to work, hotel owners who would rather not let homosexuals stay in their rooms, and people who think immersing a figure of Jesus Christ in a vat of urine is an edgy expression of ‘conceptually challenging’ art.

In addition, the blasphemy laws were repealed by the last Labour government because they specifically related to Christianity and were therefore deemed ‘discriminatory’.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn stated that “To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots.” This is exactly why Christianity is under attack in Britain. Just as communist countries feared a moral alternative to the godless and immoral religion of socialism, so our home-grown rulers follow suit.

Religious education in schools which previously centred on Christianity is now devoted to multi-religious studies. Conspiracy theorists are not exaggerating in the least when they suggest that mass immigration and multiculturalism were not deployed for honourable reasons, but specifically to erode Christian Britain.

A good example of this is the BBC’s attitude to Islam, which it suggests should be treated more sensitively than Christianity. And whilst Islam is promoted as a female-friendly religion of tolerance and compassion, Christianity is obscenely portrayed as an ideology of racism, imperialism and murder. This is so perverse and abnormal one can only assume that our rulers have declared all-out war against Christianity – as indeed they have.


When Vaclav Havel assumed the Presidency of Czechoslovakia in 1989, he stated that one of the most important jobs to be undertaken was the rebuilding of the middle class, which had been decimated by the communists.

The values and morals of the middle classes are the backbone of a democratic nation state. This is why the communists set out to eradicate them, and this is exactly why British socialists have done the same. The ‘bourgeoisie’ have been subjected to vilification for the last 50 years, with the attack against them led – rather ironically – by the middle-class intelligentsia within the BBC and the educational authorities.

The middle class is a bulwark against state oppression, so had to be cleansed. Elitism, independence, Christianity and morality are the enemies of the socialists. One of the more obvious manifestations of socialism’s enormous success in this field is that of accents: it is very rare today to find a well-spoken Englishman under the age of 50.


The Labour Party was originally formed to protect the interests of the working class, so it is more than a little bizarre that the worst damage wreaked upon the very people who make up their core vote was perpetrated by the Labour Party itself.

Throughout the ’60s and ’70s the trade union movement set out to systematically dismantle the manufacturing and industrial base of Britain. The union leaders who called for more or less permanent industrial action were to a man communists, all taking their orders from their comrades in Moscow.

Although Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative Party foolishly completed what the socialists had started, it is unarguable that the extinction of Britain’s shipbuilding and automotive industries was instigated by the traitors within the Labour Party.

But this pales into insignificance when compared to the damage inflicted upon the working class by the last Labour government. Their policy of mass immigration and multiculturalism has affected the working class primarily, who find themselves in direct competition with imported Third Worlders for territory, education, housing and jobs.

The champagne socialists who deliberately set out to transform traditional Britain have the financial means necessary to live as far away as possible from the multicultural hell-holes they have deliberately created, the means to educate their children in schools where English remains the first language, and the means to ensure that neither they nor their children ever fall victim to the endemic crime and violence so prevalent in the manufactured ‘diverse’ communities.

The white working class are not so fortunate. What the socialists have done to them amounts to the biggest betrayal in the history of this country.


It is with great sadness that I compare the young black people in Britain today with their grandparents. The rap-addicted, dope smoking, unemployable and violent young blacks we see around us bear little resemblance to the well-dressed men and women aboard the MV Empire Windrush, which docked at Tilbury in 1948.

They too have been betrayed. Encouraged to retain their culture rather than to assimilate, they have been similarly let down by terrible inner-city schooling that refuses to equip them with the skills necessary to live decent and rewarding lives in a capitalist liberal democracy, because to educate them sufficiently to do so is apparently racist.

A great evil has been perpetrated upon such people by the socialists, who view them only as pawns to be used in their fight against the capitalist West.

I have used defined groups of people and classes to show how we have been betrayed, but we can add some further minority groups who are absolutely essential in allowing the continuation of a liberal democracy and who were therefore earmarked for re-education or destruction – the traditional family, fathers, non-feminist housewives and mothers, and the apolitical police, judiciary and civil service.

There are a very small number of people who have not been betrayed. The baby-boomer liberal intelligentsia has done very well out of the slow motion socialist revolution that has destroyed Britain, as have the super-rich, the politicians and the bankers, who now look to retain their gargantuan bonuses whilst simultaneously redirecting their debts onto the shoulders of the taxpayer.

But at the top of the pile sits Islam. Imported and appeased by politicians of all parties, Islam is the real winner here and is promoted as the religion of peace when it is clearly no such thing.

Polygamy laws are ignored in order that they may demographically destroy us, laws are introduced to curtail any criticism on pain of exhibiting ‘Islamophobia’ and money is directed toward them in order that they need not work to house their multiple wives and children even as they plan to overthrow us.

For everyone else however, the war veterans, the elderly, the young, the newborn, the indigenous population, the non-Islamic immigrants, the middle class, the working class and the Christians, we have been betrayed in our entirety.

If Britain is to survive the coming decades as a peaceful democracy, then we need to have a counter-revolution of the mind and a counter-revolutionary political party to effect radical change.  Liberty GB is such a counter-revolutionary party. Please Google us if we are new to you. Join us, donate to us, help us today so we can help save Britain tomorrow.

My name is Paul Weston.

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