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Multiculturalism takes a major hit.

This article about the Swedish truck maker, Scania, baulking at becoming 100% owned by the German auto maker, Volkswagen, has a greater significance than meets the eye.

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This shows just how much a ruse, globalization, and forced multiculturalism within an multinational ”United States of Europe” actually is. It’s predicated upon a misreading of human nature, much like in Marxist theory, in the building of a ”new man” (socialist) through class warfare ideology. People do in fact care more about their immediate surroundings, than about far away places they don’t (or even do) share a border with.

That reality drove the Germans (and others) in the 1920’s to dump class warfare, and focus on building National Socialism, to be in direct competition with Marxist Russia (a.k.a. the USSR).

Today’s ruling class in Europe (the EU and their imitators abroad) are simply trying to change human nature, by forcing people to comply with their grandiose utopian world view. Forcing a political union upon people who thought the EEC would remain just an economic free trade union of member sovereign nation states is immoral.

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In a utopian world (Marxist class warfare dogma/Multiculti Europe) the people wouldn’t care who controlled what (the state was supposed to melt away), and where they resided, but in the real world, people act much differently, self preservation is an inherited driving force, even for the political elite who propose and ram through their utopian agendas. Just look at how they scramble to fight for their turf during the election period.

NOTE: A pal said that this is a bit of a reach, connecting it to a business venture, but I’m simply trying to connect a wider, deeply held, psychological concern, self preservation is a shared human impulse. Hopefully that point comes across.

Swedish truck maker Scania reluctant to become 100 percent VW

As Europe’s biggest carmaker; Volkswagen of Germany continues its expansion course, a complete takeover of its subsidiary Scania has only seemed a matter of time. But the Swedes said they might not play along.

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Volkswagen’s endeavors to take over truckmaker Scania completely hit a snag Tuesday when a leading panel of the Swedish company was reported to have advised shareholders not to accept a German offer put on the table in February of this year.

VW had announced it was aiming to purchase the 37.4 percent of Scania it didn’t already own. The Wolfsburg-based 12-brand firm offered 6.7 billion euros ($9.2 billion) for the deal, equivalent to 200 Swedish krona per share and, according to VW, representing a premium of more than 50 percent.

But what looked like an attractive deal for the Swedes on the surface turned out not to be enough to convince executives. With the Germans’ offer expiring on April 25, shareholders were warned the suggested deal did not reflect Scania’s long-term prospects.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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