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As it should be mocked, and with lots of gusto.

H/T: Algemeiner via Elder of Ziyon

Moroccan Christian Preacher Makes Fun of Arab Boycott of Jews (VIDEO)

MARCH 10, 2014 11:50 AM

Brother Rashid, a Moroccan-Christian preacher, pointing the holes in boycotting Israel. Photo: Screenshot.

Brother Rashid, a Moroccan-Christian preacher, gained a wider following on Sunday, when pro-Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon posted a sub-titled video of a recent sermon poking fun at the Arab argument to boycott Jews.

Many everyday products, from blue jeans, to ballpoint pens, to TV remote controls, to videotape, to lasers, were made possible by Jewish ingenuity, Brother Rashid pointed out.

“If they boycott everything made by the ‘heretics,’ they would be naked and hungry, still be living in tents and riding camels, and drinking camels piss and milk, as Arab society did in the days of Mohammed,” Brother Rashid said in the broadcast uploaded by

He criticized the Arab world for failing to achieve its own potential and for being dwarfed by Jewish success, despite the Jews being so much fewer in number.

The video was sub-titled by and originally posted by Israeli’s Mida magazine, which last week published an interview with a Jordanian Quranic scholar, known as the “Zionist Sheikh,” who argued for reconciliation between Jews and Muslims.

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