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I had posted a piece last week highlighting a campaign by iCaucus, a conservative political group which intends to influence Iranian domestic politics with a show of support and solidarity for pro-Western voices in that country. Dr.Andy Bostom contacted me to inform just how ludicrous the notion is at this time in Iranian history.

iCaucus: ”according to our sources the majority of Iranians want out from under their oppressive theocracy and would rather have America as an ally”

Andy: ”This is PURE SPECULATIVE CRAP on Iran, Ken—I am almost done with a book which in part EXPLODES such canards with–wait for it–ACTUAL POLLING DATA, etc…

bostom iran final solution

I included the above remark in the form of an update to the post. iCaucus president, Dara Bailey then responded in the comments to the post with the following:

01/03/2014 at 00:13

Mr. Bostom;

dara baileyI would respectfully ask you to answer just one question. In a country or countries in which answering a polling question incorrectly can cause your execution, how do you suppose Pew Research was able to get a correct poll completed? In addition, I would ask how this poll was completed and where? Sometimes, rational thought processes need to prevail.

Thank you,
Dara Bailey
President – iCaucus

Here is Andy’s response to Dara Bailey:

Ms. Bailey:

Andy Bostom in Brussels

Demonstrate how your pure, rank speculation applies to these hard polling data, specifically, based upon the described methodologies by either Pew, or Gallup. In other words—wait for it—actually read the methods sections and write a cogent critique of the methods that supports your very informed, remarkably insightful comments.

Mohamed Younis, ―Iranians Feel Bite of Sanctions, Blame U.S., Not Own Leaders—Mostsupport nuclear program despite sanctions,‖ Gallup World, February 7, 2013

Iranians‘ Views Mixed on Political Role for Religious Figures,‖ Pew Research Religion and Public Life Project, June 11, 2013

Moreover, by your utterly “impeccable logic,” 100% of Iranians should have supported Sharia, 0% should have felt religious extremism was a problem in Iran, and 100% should have favored Iran’s dogged pursuit of nuclear weapons at the height of the recent sanctions. Those who did not supply such answers now of course must be presumed dead.

Is this truly what you are arguing? If so you might wish to take pause, and deal with facts not fantasy.

Andrew G. Bostom, MD, MS

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