Islamic Slavery



Islamic slaving.

The works of the artist, Otto Pilny (1866-1936), capture the historical truths of Islamic slaving of white European women, conveniently left ignored in modern day Islamic apologetics. In fact, for an artist in this day and age to attempt a similar series of art, will bring the brunt of the academic and cultural elite screaming at his or her doorstep.

NOTE: If not for Western insistence that the despicable trade in human flesh be banned, the Arab/Muslim world would be more than content in continuing it as in times past, and in many cases, still do.

H/T Gaia

scene from a muslim slave market of white women otto pilny

scene from a muslim slave market of white women2 otto pilny

2 Responses

  1. Brilliant. Absolutely magnificent paintings!

    Thanks for posting this …. How can one look at that and not become a Muselmaniac?

    This is every leftards wet dream!

  2. All that romantic 1001 Nights BS – the girls were/are almost always Christian sex slaves.

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