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Wake up call people.

This is a call of warning to the good people of America, if you do not wake up from your stupor, recognize the danger and where it’s coming from, you, or your children and/or future generations will be eventually consumed by it.

We need to understand the dangers that Europe poses to the US. While I embrace both the enlightenment and the philosophers that the continent has produced, which I am grateful for since it resulted ultimately in the formation of the US, the same parent however has proven to be an abusive one, time and time again, to its offspring.

I now see on the streets of America’s biggest cities, the exact same nonsense one sees on the streets of Finland or in other European cities, and its spreading. Islam is riding the coattails of socialism.

Over 27 years ago when I left the US for Scandinavia, I would never have believed that I would one day see people openly walking around the streets of the US in Che T-shirts waving the hammer and sickle of international socialism, nor mass numbers of Muslims carrying out provocative pray-ins at the nation’s capital and on the streets of NYC.

But here we are. Now what?

If the Left manages to subvert the Jewish-Christian aligned pro-Israel lobby, it’s one more notch on the fence post for the destructive forces trying to bring about the US’s eventual downfall. It also spells doom for Jews and other minorities, who for a long extended period, enjoyed relative peace and prosperity in an America focused on individual liberty and the free markets.

Now with the prolonged destruction of those values, the Left marches on to attack other values, support for Israel is chief among them. In both Jewish and Christian circles, the infiltration and attack strategy has been formulated, and carried out and with much precision and without much opposition.

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How Kerry can defeat a once-powerful American Jewry

By Charles Jacobs

The word is out that Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu may accept Secretary of State John Kerry’s “framework” proposal, a plan that “with land swaps” pushes the Jewish state back to the 1967 lines, abandons 25 – 30% of Jewish “settlers” behind those lines, and cedes or “leases” to the PA for a dozen or so years the Jordan Valley, long valued by both Labor and Likud as Israel’s protective barrier, without which there will exist an Arab land bridge from Baghdad to the gates of Tel Aviv.

There will be many attempts to explain how we got to this point, much of it focused on the failure of American Jews to maintain their government’s favor toward Israel.  A central theme here will be the weakness that emanates from the left/right Jewish divide over Zionist policy.  On this, Daniel Greenfield (aka Sultan Knish) has given us the most prescient essay.  He writes, and I quote at length because his words are unforgettable:

“There are two basic human responses to an assault.  I will protect myself or I will make the world a better place.  The first deals with the risk of an attack.  The second with your insecure feelings about the world.  The first leaves you better able to cope with an attack.  The second makes you feel better about the world that you live in.

“The Jewish response to the Holocaust fell into these two categories; Never Again and Teach Tolerance.  Never Again became the credo of Israel and Teach Tolerance became the credo of the Western Diaspora.”

Although Greenfield’s two polar attitudes are not mutually exclusive, it is clear that survival must come first.  The threat to the Jewish people is imminent.  Improving the world takes a long time.

Greenfield goes on to describe the miserable historic irony in which the Jews, who were so hated in the last century for being rootless and stateless, are hated today because Western elites have learned to abhor the nation-state itself — as an oppressor mechanism and a block to world peace and understanding.  This just so happened right when the Jews secured and have held on to their little state with all their might.  But the left/right ideological split alone cannot explain the enfeeblement of Jewry’s power here in the United States.  The vast majority of American Jews, after all, would want to defend Israel from the dangers John Kerry seeks to impose.  They simply have failed to use their considerable power in Israel’s defense.   Yes, so many of America’s Jews are Democrats who want to support their party’s platforms; and yes, their children are being poisoned in colleges (and now in high schools) by anti-Israel “education.” Still, the vast majority of American Jews are deeply concerned about protecting Israel from current and developing dangers.  To understand why they are failing, I believe we need to see how the political machinery of American Jewry has gone to rust.

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