Finland multiculturalism



But dont worry, they will double down on stupid and service more foreign languages at the taxpayer and societal expense.

Do take note that Swedish speaking Finns have used multiculturalism as the mechanism to promote their most favoured status, now its biting them in the ass.

Vantaa now has more speakers of Russian and Estonian than Swedish

Russian and Estonian speakers now outnumber Swedish speakers in the city of Vantaa. As the country’s second national language, the status of the Swedish language is protected by law, but pressure is mounting to offer services in Russian and Estonian as well. The change is already apparent in the city’s recruiting efforts.

Päiväkoti Matrjushkassa leikitään kahdella kielellä.
Budding bilinguals at the Matrjoshka Day Care Centre in Vantaa.

Talk at the Matrjoshka Day Care Centre switches nimbly between Russian and Finnish as children play. Some of the 28 children in the group are from bilingual homes, while others come from families speaking only Russian. Still others speak three languages in their home: Russian, Finnish and Estonian.

A few members of the day care staff speak both Finnish and Russian, but others speak only Finnish. Children quickly learn to choose their language of discussion accordingly. The goal of the day care is provide the children with an equal command of Finnish and Russian by the time the children are of kindergarten age.

Some of the children will continue their studies at the specialised Finnish-Russian School in Helsinki, while others will keep up their Russian skills in a Vantaa classroom. Jaana Teräväinen, Director of Matrjoshka and its sister facility Teremok, says language proficiency is the key to successful learning.

“If you study at a Finnish school, you either have to speak Finnish or preserve your native proficiency in your mother tongue. This is because without a strong native language, it is very difficult to learn new languages. Finnish schools arrange for language maintenance instruction and preparatory pre-school instruction is available to children who are judged to have poor Finnish skills, so I think Vantaa has done quite well in this regard,” she says.

Bilingual day care secure in Vantaa

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