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Yet another rosy attribute meant to benefit society no doubt.

The statistics are pretty much the same in Finland, those who had fallen ill with TB, are over the age of 65, the disease has been pretty much eradicated. In 1929, the government had built a hospital in Jyväskylä, exclusively for TB patients, which is now being used for other medical purposes.

”About four out of five who develop the disease are born outside Sweden,” the medical information on stated. “Among those who fall ill with TB and are born in Sweden, the majority are over 65 years of age and were infected before the 1950s.”

Tuberculosis fears at Swedish pre-school

Swedish tuberculosis patients at a sanatorium in 1927. File: Pressens Bild/TT

Published: 29 Jan 2014 07:15 GMT+01:00

Staff and children at a pre-school in Torsby will be tested regularly for tuberculosis, after fear spread that a person may have passed on the infectious disease long extinct in Sweden

The pre-school in Torsby i Värmland County in central Sweden said on Tuesday that its 75 children and staff could have been exposed to the contagious disease.

The management decided not to specify whether one of the young children or a staff member carried the disease, but told local media that that doctors said the person could spread tuberculosis.

“We don’t want to say if its a child or a staff member,” manager Pernilla Larsson told regional newspaper Nya Wermlands Tidningen.

Health guide website states that tuberculosis is rare in Sweden, but remained one of the most common infections worldwide. Swedish health professionals encourage anyone displaying symptoms to seek medical attention. Signs of a potential infection include a cough that lasts longer than three weeks, pain in the chest, and blood mixed with the mucous expelled when coughing.

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