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Formula is to no longer hand over land to genocidal maniacs bent on your destruction.

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I’ve said it for ages since coming to the light, it’s a mugs game to play by the rules laid down by the enemy/opposition. You state the case as it should be stated, debunk their memes, and cast the enemy into a light more suitable for reaching your goals and objectives.

Into the Fray: A public challenge to Michael Oren

01/23/2014 23:00

What is it about the Palestinian problem that makes otherwise seemingly smart people expound such utterly stupid ideas?

Michael Oren JPost conference April 28 2013

Michael Oren JPost conference April 28 2013 Photo: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post

One solution could be a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian population centers in the West Bank… but unlike in Gaza, most Israeli settlements would remain within Israel, and Israeli troops would still patrol strategic borders. Of course, the preferable solution is two states for two peoples. But if that proves unattainable, then Israel can still end the occupation of the Palestinians, preserve its security, and perhaps lay new foundations for peace. – Former ambassador Michael Oren, in answer to the question, “What if the process fails?” – CNN, January 11, 2014 

The only alternative for Israel to save itself as a Jewish state is by unilaterally withdrawing from the West Bank and evacuating most of the settlements. – Dr. Michael Oren, prior to his ambassadorial appointment, Haaretz, April 24, 2009 

Having proved itself – completely and conclusively – a disastrous and delusional debacle, the nutty notion of unilateral withdrawal (a.k.a. capitulation) is surging back into fashion with the fashionable bon ton set – big-time. That anyone with half a brain could still place any credence in this failed, foolhardy fantasy beggars belief.

Yet, over the past few weeks, there has been an alarming spate of public expressions of support for this harebrained and hazardous hallucination.

Erudite, eloquent, elegant 

One of the more newsworthy voices endorsing this ill-advised policy prescription was that of Michael Oren, until recently ambassador to the US.

To his credit, the affable Oren is endowed with many laudable qualities. He is eminently erudite, eloquent and elegant. Born in the US, a graduate of an Ivy League university, an acclaimed, articulate author, and well-versed in the mores and customs of US society, it is difficult to fault his appointment as envoy in Washington.

Indeed, there have been few – if any – suggestions that he discharged his challenging duties with anything but polished professionalism.

That said, however, Oren’s recent (and not so recent) pronouncements as to his policy preferences regarding the Palestinian problem indicate that deft diplomatic skills are no guarantee of political prudence or strategic acumen.

For in light of the catastrophic consequences of unilateral abandonment of Gaza, any rational observer might be excused for attributing a remarkably flat-learning curve to anyone who persists in advocating such a fatally flawed formula. Only this time, on a dramatically larger scale.

More here. h/t Children Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors via Martin Sherman

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