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Classic cognitive dissonance or outright lying….?

”Khim says that religion for him has always been something personal, that he to this day dislikes organized religion.”

He’s either lying or a complete ignoramus. Islam is very much a public square ideology, not private, not even close, and very very organized. It’s a society in itself with sharia to guide the way in enforcement. What a maroon.

NOTE: These dawa puff pieces betray modern journalism for what it is, the praetorian guard for Leftist multicultural policies and agendas.

From the club scene into the Quran

Published 2014-01-02 09:04

Kim Efraimsson often play chess at a coffee shop in Gothenburg.  For him, religion is something personal.Photo: Peter Claesson

Kim Efraimsson often play chess at a coffee shop in Gothenburg. For him, religion is something personal.

He was a disc jockey, lived his life in the night, in clubs and dance floors. The music was the main interest, but at the same time – since my early teens – had Khim Efraimsson searched for something else. One day thirteen years ago he was challenged by a friend to read the Quran.

It did not take many pages into the Koran before Khim began to reevaluate his life, he says.

Now he sits in a basement café on the street in Gothenburg, a few hundred yards from the store where he worked in the early 00’s and there he stood behind the counter and read the Quran for the first time. Hit, to the coffee shop, usually Khim come to play chess.

In front of him he has a stack of paperwork to fill out – he’s in the middle of the process to start a cultural organization for Muslims in the city, with the aim of studying and teaching the knowledge of Islam, Arabic, and child rearing and to strengthen Muslim identity as Swedes.

He himself is married but has no children. Normally works as skolvärd in a Muslim private school and in the spare time he does photography, film and graphic design.

More dawa available here. H/T: Hans Erling Jensen

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  1. Well, KGS, you’ve got the happy nack of hitting (better would be belting) the nail on the head.

    Your note about the brain scrambled leftist praetorian guard policies says it just exactly right.

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