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The radical Left and Islam.

As farcical and ludicrous as it sounds, that’s Islam 101 in a nut shell. Anyone critical of their subjugation by Islam, is deemed an ‘Islamophobe’. Not being a Muslim is offense enough, especially when you’re not under Islamic control. The Finn, Mikael Storsjö whose IT company hosts the terrorist supporting website, has been a Greens candidate, and friends with top Greens politicians. The server is located in Sweden.

Scandalous Islamophobe calls for ‘total eliminations of Wahhabis’

Publication time: 30 December 2013, 15:01

A notorious Islamophobe Roman Silantyev said that the bombings in Volgograd required “defensive measures against terrorism”.

“The third attack in two months in Volgograd has become a serious challenge to our society. Defensive measures against terrorism, despite the professionalism of the security services and heroism of ordinary law enforcement cannot provide adequate protection”, said Silantyev for news agency Interfax-Religion on Monday. According to him, it’s time to go “in a global attack, changing the law so that all kinds of Wahhabis were outlawed and would find themselves in intolerable conditions for the stay on the territory of our country”. “We need to involve specialists in the elimination of the Wahhabis from Chechnya and Dagestan, Syria and Egypt and to borrow successful legislative decisions and tactics from abroad”, called the Islamophobe.

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  1. That website and its contents are way more scandalous and outrageous. You cannot expect nothing less coming from wahhabi terrorists and their vile propaganda machine.

    According to those disgusting muslims, tt’s scandalous suggesting the killing of terrorists and murderers but it is not praising killers who slaughter people or psychos who promote violence in the name of the ‘religion of peace’.

    Those muslims really piss me off.

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