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Sorry Jerky, but I’m not buying it.

When he’s (Katainen and the National Coalition) serious about leaving the EU, then and only then, will I take him seriously. This is mere crumbs for the serfs while the statists in Brussels feast on the average Finn’s hard earned labor and rule by dictate.

PM: Major change underway in Finland

In his New Year’s message to the nation, Prime Minister Jyrkki Katainen said that decision-makers need to focus less on regulating society and more on creating opportunities and encouraging people and communities to build their own futures.

Jyrki Katainen
Prime Minister Jyrkki Katainen. Image: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

The Prime Minister pointed out that Finland has traditionally been built as dictated by the authorities, in a hierarchical manner from top to bottom.

“We no longer consider it right that someone above us makes key life choices on our behalf. Instead of patronage, we want to be the decision-makers of our own lives when we have the capacity to be so,” said Katainen.

The Prime Minister added that the issue is not just about what reforms are made in Finland, but more about how they are made.

“The ability of people to make their own choices and decisions must be recognised in decision-making. People’s capacity and ability to make choices will vary, of course, according to age and health for example, and society must support those who need help,” said Katainen.

Katainen described the fact that Finns are increasingly embracing individual solutions and freedom of choice as “a major conceptual change”.

Keys to success

Prime Minister Katainen attributed the “strong winds of change” that again shook Finland in the year just ending partly to European and global economic difficulties, and partly to changes in Finnish society and the Finnish economy.

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