Muslim Criminality



Three out of four with Muslim names.

Shot the car owner in the head right in front of his distraught wife.

H/T: Ram Lubranicki

Police identify four suspects charged in deadly New Jersey mall carjacking
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    These photos show the four suspects charged in a deadly Dec. 15 carjacking. Police identified the suspects from left to right as, Kevin Roberts, Hanif Thompson, Basim Henry and Karif Ford.

SHORT HILLS, N.J. – Four men have been arrested and charged in the death of a man shot in front of his wife during a carjacking outside an upscale mall in northern New Jersey last weekend, authorities say.

The suspects, identified as Hanif Thompson, 29, Karif Ford, 31, Basim Henry 32, and Kevin Roberts, 33, appear to have been motivated by a desire for the victim’s silver Range Rover, Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray said in a press conference Saturday.

The victim, 30-year-old Dustin Friedland, was shot in the head Dec.15 in front of his wife in the parking garage of The Mall at Short Hills. Authorities found the Range Rover, which two of the suspects drove off in, the next morning in Newark, about 10 miles from Short Hills.

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  1. It’s no shock to me that these 4 dirtbags all have extensive rap sheet . They are repeat offenders who should not have been among us, the alleged justice system has failed us once again.

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