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Not in normal times, and these are not normal times.

In normal times I would be dead set against this, it reeks of government statism, which means that it allows for the state to create lots of mischief for minorities. But since the government has been involved in creating mischief for Finland’s civil society for over the past two decades (outside of usual statist governing policies), it’s wise perhaps to keep track of such data for the time being, at least until Finland once again regains its sovereignty.

NOTE: At least, those are my thoughts on the matter, I welcome any suggestions or observations in the comments. Remember. that there was even a time when Abraham Lincoln himself had to suspend habeas corpus.

Finns party MP asks for ethnic register

Finns Party MP Olli Immonen has submitted a written question asking the government to gather statistics on the size of different ethnic groups in Finland.

Olli Immonen
Olli Immonen Image: Yle

Immonen proposes that the government begin collecting data on ethnic groups in Finland as part of a census every five years. His written question says that such data would assist researchers and policy-makers as the demographic make-up of Finland changes.

“People belonging to the same ethnic groups think and act in the same way,” said Immonen in the document.

According to Immonen the current system is inadequate, because it classifies a person born in Finland as ‘immigrant background’ only if both parents are born abroad.

Under the current system, Immonen says it is problematic that the children of people born in Finland but of ‘immigrant background’ would then be counted as part of a different population group.

Immonen is chair of the nationalist Suomen Sisu group, which has been described as on the political ‘extreme right’ by Finland’s security police.


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