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Learning the tools of the trade abroad to carry on with the jihad in Europe.

al-qaida seize christian town in syria 6.9.2013

Belgium and France raise alarm on European fighters in Syria

05.12.13 @ 18:03


The Belgian and French interior ministers have said between 1,500 and 2,000 EU citizens have gone to fight in Syria and could become terrorists if they come back. The number given in June was just 600. The new total includes up to 150 Belgians and 400 French people, they noted.

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  1. I suspect that that number is wildly inaccurate and needs to be further adjusted upwards still. Just last week, Swedish MP Carina ‘Hägg reported from her trip to Turkey, were she went to form an opinion about the situation on the ground: Carina Hägg reported that a great deal of injured “Swedish” jihadies were making their way to Turkey for further transportation to Sweden to receive medical treatment. She reported that about 400 people had traveled from Sweden to partake in jihad in Syria. The official Swedish number is “about 30”. That number has not been updated for probably two years. I suspect I know the reason why that number hasn’t been updated. I also suspect that she may have access to information beyond what has been released to the public – Not the least the number of injured jihadies that have been flown to (?) or showed up at Swedish hospitals requiring medical care for war-injuries.

    (Höglandsnytt = regional newspaper in Carina Häggs constituency)

    Carina Hägg has been an MP for the Social Democrats since 1995 and is known as a vocal opponent of the Sweden Democrats and their “racism and islamophobia”. She’s also an opponent of the islamists in her own party. And here’s the kicker…The islamists accuse her of islamophobia and THIS week it was reported that strong forces within the Social Democratic party has made it so that she’s unlikely to be able retain her seat in parliament after next years election. According to Carina Hägg, the “strong forces” was Islamiska Förbundet, a Swedish organization that’s the Swedish member of Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE – European branch of muslim brotherhood). The whole thing is just a tad ironic.

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