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Glad to see both Canada and Australia standing in the breech while the US government spits up its morning oatmeal all over itself.

Australia to UN: Stop Bashing Israel

Monday, December 02, 2013 |  Israel Today Staff
Australia recently surprised everyone by abstaining on two UN General Assembly resolutions targeting Israel, signaling that the folks “down under” are growing fed up with the world body’s biased approach to the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Like most other nations, Australia typically votes in favor of the dozens of UN resolutions targeting Israel every year. By the end of the General Assembly’s current session, it will have passed 22 resolutions against Israel, and only four against the rest of the world combined.

Australian media wondered: why the change? A spokesperson for Foreign Minister Julie Bishop (pictured) told the Canberra Times that the recent abstentions “reflected the (Australian) government’s concern that Middle East resolutions should be balanced.”

The newspaper noted that the two resolutions on which Australia refused to vote condemned Israeli “settlement activity,” while making no mention whatsoever of continued Palestinian terrorism and incitement.

More here. H/T: Islam Exposed (the truth about Islam) via: Israel and Stuff

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  1. After six years of government during which the Australian Labor Party racked up a$400 billion national debt, it was firmly rejected in the national election on September 7th 2013.

    Labor left an absolute mess; utterly and completely incompetent none of the cabinet or Caucus had any prior experience in running a business – no matter how small – and understandably could not manage to run the biggest budget in the country.

    The Coalition took over and have begun to sort through the chaos and mess left by these nation wreckers.

    One of the first things on the agenda was reaching out anew to Israel and letting it be known to everyone that Australia was resuming its longstanding past friendship with Israel. The Marxists were no longer running the shop and of course the msm were left sratching their ideologically stupid heads.

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