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I guess CNN now officially objects to Geert’s version:

“Islam is a lie, Muhammad a criminal, the Koran is poison.”



The Google translation is almost unintelligible, it does mention the Gates of Vienna though, which was the first website in the blogosphere to reproduce it, the TT wasn’t too far behind as well. The key thing here is that CNN is censoring the news.

Product film “Fitna” attacking Islam and Prophet and manipulated with the knowledge of Saudi Arabia

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN)

He changed in his article published on his official site “Vienna Gate” The month of November of this year, brings to mind the anniversary of the passage of nine years, “the assassination of filmmaker and critic of Islam, Theo van Gogh, in one of the streets of Amsterdam by a deadly Islamist . “

He changed the saying: ” Criminals Islamists threatened to kill me I am too. because I like him, I talked about the truth of Islam as it is the greatest threat to our freedom and our civilization, “he said, adding that he still lives under police protection , what deprived him of his liberty, but “shall continue to speak.”

The right-wing Dutch MP : “The flag of Saudi Arabia proudly proclaims the Shahada or the Islamic declaration of faith: “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah…

In remembrance of the past nine years, in remembrance of the thousands of victims who were murdered in that period by Islamic assassins, in London, in Moscow, in Mumbai, in Nairobi, and in countless other places, and in remembrance of the millions of people — women, apostates, non-Muslims — who daily suffer discrimination and humiliation from the evil ideology of Islam and oppressive Islamic Sharia law, I offer the Islamic world a new flag — a flag with a declaration of truth and liberation: “Islam is a lie, Muhammad a criminal, the Koran is poison.”

He concluded his article by saying changed: “Only when the Muslim world to accommodate this fact, will be able to free itself from evil, and make the world a safer and better for all human beings.”

Note that CNN Arabic refrain from publishing the full picture of the Saudi flag as manipulation by Wilders.

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