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Norway’s ‘New Vikings’, raping and pillaging like there’s no tomorrow.

Taliban and their gold2

It’s what Norwegians do best, the art of the false dichotomy, waxed to a shine with their faux humanitarianism.

These are the people who inhabit and operate within the polarized realm of socialist politics, the ultra-internationalists ”open borders” nut-jobs, and the ultra-nationalist closed border racists known as Neo-Nazis. Like the two struggling arch-nemisis aboard the starship Enterprise, in the Star Trek series episode: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield……


Bele and Lokai (characterized here as ‘ultra international-national socialists’) fight it out on the universal stage, both representing the equally disastrous consequences their intolerant kind inflicted upon their societies. Their eternal struggle compares with the struggle of the radical Leftist camps of international and national socialism, which have, in the pursuit of their own utopian models,  managed to drag the rest of society down with them.

No matter how disastrous their policies (Norwegian journalists, Elin Ruhlin Gjuvsland and Arild Opheim, had their home invaded, stripped naked, bound and robbed of their possessions) they still cling to them with all the fervor they can muster, this time in a book called ‘Uninvited Guests’. Make no mistake about it, these two open border lunatics will forever be locked in mortal combat with their arch nemesis, the closed borders neo-nazis, as their own society falls down around them. Life imitates art.

Vlad nails their thinking to the wall, then draws a huge target on it and fills it with bulls eyes, one after the other:

The revealing and instructive part of this article is about defending ones purchase, as well as the inversion of reasoning socialists use to defend their ideological purchases. More simply put, when reality directly, and even humiliatingly and painfully, contradicts ones ideological worldview, socialists tend to reinterpret the facts to reaffirm their world view, rather than adjust their world view to better reflect reality.

In other words, rather than change your map to reflect the giant crater you found in the middle of your yard, you explain to people that the map is correct and you deserve to have the crater there because you failed to hang a sign in orbit inviting all the meteors to land in your yard anytime they want in which case they wouldn’t make holes in your yard.

norwegians dripping with sanctimony 4.11.2013

We were robbed by asylum seekers in our home. We had it coming, said one of them.

Unsafe days where fear steal a far larger part of our consciousness? The scrutiny of the people around us: Who is potentially dangerous? With alarms and locks and constant risk. We had it coming. It said at least one of them while we were there gagged with her ​​head in the pillow and robbers upon us. He obviously had a need to explain why they robbed us. They were not bad people, he said. Only in a desperate situation. They wish they could live and work and live a normal life in Norway. But asylum application had been rejected. Now they had no choice but to rob us to raise money to get home. Yes, sir. It sounds like a justification of its own wrong choices. No matter how desperate the situation is, it can not excuse to rob others. But we were curious enough to try to figure out the robbers’ story. To go to the one who robbed your home and meet his teacher. And to meet the robber himself in prison.

More here in Norwegian.

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