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Bonehead or meat-head, it’s all the same, something is just not right upstairs.


Ronald Reagan was a conservative, hated by the GOP establishment as well as by the progressive Left of the Democrat party whom he fought tooth and nail in Hollywood in the screen actors guild, and later as a governor of California and U.S. president. They lashed out at him with the same ferociousness as they do now against Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz. It’s amazingly buffoonish, hilarious, as well as highly disingenuous of the Left to now try and create a center of politics in which equally opposed politicians somehow co-habitate.

NOTE: It’s ahistorical drivel dripping down their chin like morning oatmeal.


BILL MAHER, HOST: I’m just saying the Democrats have moved to the middle.


MAHER: Unfortunately, the other people have moved way over there. So now the middle isn’t the middle anymore.

ROB REINER: Obama right now, where Obama is is right around where Reagan was, right around where Nixon was. There, he’s no more left than those, those, those Republicans.

MAHER: Hardly a socialist. He’s barely, barely a liberal.

REINER: No, as Bob Dole said, he could not get…

MAHER: Right.

REINER: …anywhere in this Republican Party. And so Obama’s right around where Bob Dole is. They’re very similar, you know? There’s not much of a difference there.

MAHER: Whenever they say, “Oh, he’s the most radical president ever,”

REINER: No, no, no, no.

MAHER: …right, because they’re such experts on history. What they mean is, “He’s black.” That’s what’s the most radical thing about him.

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