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She never thought she would be facing charges of piracy on the high seas for her Green escapades. Wrong.

I’m not without compassion. As much as I disagree with these lefty loons on just about every issue, I don’t think that she should be held on ‘piracy charges’. At best, she could have been more accurately charged on a lesser offense, but the Russians are playing hardball, they want to send a message that obstruction by international activists against Russian enterprises, will not be tolerated, so it’s very likely that this Finnish greens activist is going to do time in some fashion, how long that will be is anyone’s guess.

NOTE: If this was happening in Israel, (similar incidents there occur regularly) the entire world would be in an uproar. Just notice the silence about it other than in a few media outlets.

Weak hopes for Finnish Greenpeace activist’s appeal

On Monday a Russian court will hear the appeal of Sini Saarela, the Greenpeace activist who has been held in detention since last month. So far the court has rejected any petitions from Saarela regarding her pre-trial imprisonment.

Suomalainen Greenpeace-aktivisti Sini Saarela oikeudenkäynnissään Murmanskissa.
Saarela in Murmansk on September 26, 2013. Image: Igor Podgorny

The Murmansk court will on Monday morning hear a petition for the revocation of Saarela’s pre-trial detention, Greenpeace spokesperson Juha Aromaa confirmed to Yle.

Finnish Consul Martti Ruokokoski will be present in the courtroom.

On Friday the court heard four activists’ petitions, rejecting all of their appeals.

“Unfortunately, hopes are not very high. Previous petitions have all been rejected almost in the same terms,” Aromaa said. “However, all possible petitions will be made.”

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