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Wolff Bachner from the Inquisitr has done another major interview with Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld, in which he also address some issues the he’s never addressed before, such as the possible reasons why the Israeli government is so incompetent in the propaganda war and why Israel is a sensor for the Western world’s decline.

Dr.Manfred GerstenfeldIsrael is confronted with a total propaganda war. Thus, it needs a very competent body of professionals to develop first strategies and then turn these into an operational approach. The current propaganda war is a huge battle with many new characteristics. It is post-modern, which means inter alia that its origins, messages and transmittal modes are very fragmented. As Israel is the first major target of such a propaganda war, it has to develop the mode of operation of such a defensive body itself.
If one is attacked in war, one develops weapons which can deal with the attackers. That is how armies expanded and progressed. Israel has developed a very sophisticated military instrument – the Israeli Defense Forces. If terrorism, revolution, subversion and the like are threats, countries develop intelligence services. Israel has, over the decades, been quite successful in this field and many try to copy its achievements. In the new cyber war, Israel has put together a defense unit which seems on its way to becoming a leader in the field. However, regarding the propaganda war, nothing of the like has been developed. Evidently, such a body will require substantial financial and human resources. We are not speaking here of a few tens of millions of dollars, but multiples of that.

med-evil antisemitic views of 150 million europeans interview with dr.manfred gerstenfeld 20.10.2013

Jews are leaving Europe in record numbers, and in city after city, where Jewish communities once thrived, people have packed their bags and fled to Israel, Canada or the United States. From Paris to Malmo, old Jewish homes are standing empty, as family after family leaves the land of their birth to escape the memories of 1800 years of persecution and death.

For those who remain behind, daily life is constant burden and an awful reminder of a time, only 85 years ago, when Jews were forced to wear yellow stars and herded into cattle cars by the millions to be gassed and burned.

Now, in the year 2013, Jews are once again spat on and kicked for daring to wear a Kippah on a European street, “Dirty Jew, Hitler should have finished the job” echoes in their ears as they run for cover. Ancient Jewish gravestones are covered with Swastikas and Israel flags are torn to shreds by ravening crowds of protesters screaming their hatred for the Jewish state.

Rather than dwell in despair on the horrors of Jewish life in Modern Europe, we invited Dr. Gerstenfeld here today to explain how and why this is happening and to gain an understanding of what can be done about it. Does hope still remain for the Jews of Europe or are we on the verge of a second Holocaust? Is Israel facing nuclear annihilation or can the Jewish state finally take its place as an equal partner among the nations of the world.

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  1. The Saturday People of Europe are being taken care of right now. Next are the Sunday People. In the Mideast, the Saturday People are gone except for Israel, so they are already starting on the Sunday People.

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