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Shahid from Berlin writes:

Please now quote what St Paul and others had to say about women. About what Sale wrote in his English translation of the Holy Quran saying some women needed to be beaten etc. Or what Hindu or Jewish scriptures say. In Hinduism a woman’s salvation lies in bearing a son! And read the Old Testament to see what a Jewish woman’s position is. Then come back and talk. Also hadith is simply what other people thought they heard the holy Prophet Muhammad say. It may not be what he said or the context in which he said it.

Shahid provides the usual boilerplate dissembling and apologetics. No one denies what ancient Judaism called for, which mainstream Judaism has moved away from, on their own. No one denies what other misogynist religions have declared for their womenfolk, there’s ample criticism to be found by people, in and outside, the religions mentioned. It’s only Islam where the denial takes place. You have just cast aside the hadiths (and koranic verses) that have been validated by all four authoritative schools of islamic jurisprudence, Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i and Hanbali.

When Islamic leaderS take on their own doctrines and texts in the way that Jewish and Christian leaders and scholars have, then come back and talk. The death penalty for dissent however, impedes progress on that score.

NOTE: All you want to know about beating women in Islam.

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