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I came across an article today by Kerry Picket, published yesterday at

kerry pickit on ann coulter 8.9.2013

Diana West, author of American Betrayal, has been hit by smear pieces about her new book. Former marxist, historian, and neo-conservative writer Ronald Radosh viciously attacked West for assertions made in her book regarding connections between former Soviet Russia and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt administration among other issues. Radosh had previously attacked on National Review author M. Stanton Evans for his 2007 book Blacklisted by History, which lionized Senator Joe McCarthy. That piece has since been removed. In his attack on West, Radosh calls her “McCarthy’s heiress.”

Author Ann Coulter, who defended McCarthy in her own book Treasonwent after Radosh in 2007 for his attack on Evans saying Radosh likely did not even bother to read the book he was attacking:

ann coulterPoor Ron Radosh is still hoping liberals will forgive him.

He wrote a good book a quarter-century ago with Joyce Milton — “The Rosenberg File” — which was supposed to exonerate Julius Rosenberg, but instead concluded that Rosenberg was guilty of Soviet espionage.

More here.

I had forgotten about the similar attack by Ron Radosh on Ann Coulter’s work in 2003, and thanks to Kelly Picket, she brings that to the forefront which shows the modus operandi of the man. Why is it that Ann Coulter went to the defense of M.Stanton Evans (who gave a glowing review of American Betrayal) yet fails to step into the fray to defend Diana West? What exactly gives here, I really would like to know?

I re-post a comment by Jed West, Diana’s brother, that he sent to me last night, which in my opinion, captures the nasty, mean spirited and juvenile argumentative style employed by both Horowitz and Ron Radosh against Diana West in trying to destroy her, and her most recent work, American Betrayal.

NOTE: You would think that, Ann Coulter, whose own book was similarly trashed by the same person would want to mount a serious defense of a fellow writer whose own book comes to the same conclusions as her’s about Joe McCarthy.

Jed West:

The dishonesty and malevolence of David Horowitz is once again revealed in this new attack on Diana West and her book American Betrayal. This piece also demonstrates an element of confusion (willful or not) in the Horowitz thought process. In his opening paragraph, Horowitz waxes incoherent that “cover-ups often turn out worse for the guilty parties than the faults they seek to hide. So it is with the slander campaign against Ronald Rodash and myself because she is incapable of answering our criticism of her poorly conceived, ill-informed, conspiracy mongering book.” I guess his description of American Betrayal as “poorly conceived, ill-informed, conspiracy mongering book” is not slander. It’s certainly over-the-top, but such is the Horowitz

But slander or not, this description on its face makes no sense. Is it a “cover-up” or a “slander campaign?” It’s actually neither. But Horowitz just writes stuff. Nasty, badly reasoned, dishonest stuff.

For Horowitz the “conspiracy theory” or “campaign of slander against Ronald Radosh and myself” he refers to is the 20,000-word rebuttal to the self-described “take down” of American Betrayal concocted by the very strange Ronald Radosh that is
being published here at Breitbart.

Horowitz knows that Diana West’s rebuttal is a factual, exhaustive defense in response to Radosh’s 7,000 word-long “take-down” (Radosh’s word) of her book, her scholarship, her intellect, and her integrity. So the first paragraph he wrote is designed to destroy, not argue. It is, in character, a lie.

In Horowitz’s world, an author he has vigorously maligned has no right to answer the criticisms he published in numerous pieces with titles like “McCarthy On Steroids” and “Diana West Down Crackpot Alley” to name two.

Horowitz characterization of Diana West’s defense of her reputation as a “campaign of slander against Ronald Radosh and myself because she is incapable of answering our criticisms of her poorly conceived, ill-informed, conspiracy mongering book” is utterly dishonest. Diana West answers every one of Radosh’s ridiculous charges in detail in the three-part rebuttal published here at Brietbart. So, contrary to what Horowitz asserts, she is capable of “answering our (his and buddy Radosh) criticisms.”

Later in his rambling diatribe, Horowitz states, “West does not even bother to characterize the actual views of the academics Radosh cites.” She does indeed bother. Read Part Two of the three-part series.

In summation, Horowitz lapses into pompous, comic opera outrage at being called a “book burner.” Of course he is a book burner. He has mounted a vitriolic, extensive campaign to destroy her reputation by publishing numerous (though repetitive and false) attack pieces on American Betrayal in his own publication and elsewhere. He disappeared the initial positive review he published. (It was only saved because Ruthfully Yours reposted it before Horowitz purged it from the Frontpage site. Now, quite bizarrely, Horowitz claims: “I did not suppress the Frontpage review as she [West] falsely claims, but allowed it to appear elsewhere.” To underscore: Horowitz had nothing to do with the review’s being reposted and thus saved elsewhere. Read it here:

Now, mysteriously, Clare Lopez a distinguished author, strategist and CIA veteran, lost her job for the sin of favorably reviewing American Betrayal at the Gladstone Institute. So yes, book burning is the apt allusion. Horowitz has dedicated all of his energy to destroying the book and the reputation, if not the career, of its author. But Horowitz’s feverish plotting and vitriol won’t work. He will not destroy the book which has struck such a raw nerve with him. If the book were unimportant and ill-conceived, etc., he would not be dedicating himself to trying to destroy it. But, in the end, he will just destroy his own reputation and credibility with this pathological campaign of vitriol.

Finally, and most tellingly, he had the ego, totalitarian instinct, as well as ineptitude, to tell the author that she should “never have written the book.”

Fortunately,we still live in America and not even a “free speech activist” gets to dictate who writes what book .

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  1. The closing statement:

    ” But, in the end, he [Horowitz] will just destroy his own reputation and credibility with this pathological campaign of vitriol.”

    . . .says all that needs to be said. As far as I’m concerned. . .’discover the networks’ is the only component of interest within Horowitz’s empire.

  2. The main issue of today is the occupation of the White House by a Communist Muslim whose claim to eligibility has only been based on gross and proven forgeries,
    ( )
    that of his alleged “Selective Service Registration” being sufficient to prove him a criminal usurper of the position he now holds;

    Diana West has always told the truth, the whole truth, about that conspiracy; FrontPage Magazine has been complicit by its silence.
    The coverup of foreign enemy infiltration Diana West denounces is happening again in an even larger scale in spite of 40 percent of the electorate being aware of the problem, and Horowitz is once more on the wrong side.

  3. Itse Ann Coulter on myös sekaantunut amerikkalaisen puheenjohtajavaltion väärennöksen peittämiseen: se voi olla syy, miksi hän ei ole puolustanut Dianaa Westiä.

  4. Critics of West seem to take pride in the fact that they have not read her book. Perhaps they stayed at a Holiday Inn the night before they wrote their criticism. West only scratched the surface of this conspiracy. See The Morgenthau Plan 2013.

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