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Let it suffice to say, that the racist Democrat South’s reaction to his movement for equality in civil rights, caused him more trouble than any headline reporting on his plagiarism and infidelity ever could.

NOTE: Inadvertently, a vigorous tabloid press could have ended up saving his life after the momentum reached such epic proportions that he was forced from leadership. It’s not comforting to know that Jessie Jackson would be there waiting to take the reigns of the movement.

It’s also worth noting that black Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall, highly disapproved of MLK’s street activism, preferring to take the judicial root in securing equal civil liberties for black Americans.

Marshall said in one interview as we discussed King’s street protest tactics. “I didn’t believe in that. I thought you had the right to disobey the law and you have the right to go to jail for it.” In the same interview, Marshall conceded that King had tremendous influence. “He came up at the right time,” he said. “I think he was great – as a leader. As an organizer, he wasn’t worth s—t..He was a great speaker…but as for getting the work done, he was not too good at that…All he did was dump all his legal work on us (the NAACP) including the bills. And that was all right with him so long as he didn’t have to pay the bills.”

if MLK would have had to deal with tabloid press his career would have been ruined 30.8.2013

A committee of scholars appointed by Boston University concluded today that the Rev Martin Luther King Jr plagiarized passages in his dissertation for a doctoral degree at the university 36 years ago.

“There is no question,” the committee said in a report to the university’s provost, “but that Dr King plagiarized in the dissertation by appropriating material from sources not explicitly credited in notes, or mistakenly credited, or credited generally and at some distance in the text from a close paraphrase or verbatim quotation.”

Despite its finding, the committee said that “no thought should be given to the revocation of Dr King’s doctoral degree,” an action that the panel said would serve no purpose.

But the committee did recommend that a letter stating its finding be placed with the official copy of Dr King’s dissertation in the university’s library.

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