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 New York Slimes, all the news fit to wrap fish in.

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Check out the second paragraph in an article reporting about conservative challengers ‘lining up’ to run against Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina: nyt lindsey graham has chllengers for senate primary  26.8.2013

LAKE WYLIE, S.C. — Some of the early shots in the Republican primary battle against Senator Lindsey Graham have been fired from this tiny community on the northern border of the state where the Civil War began.

A small group called Carolina Conservatives United, one of dozens organized loosely under the flag of limited government, low taxes and strict adherence to the Constitution, sent out images last week of a milk carton bearing Mr. Graham’s face and asked Gov. Nikki R. Haley to issue the state’s version of an Amber Alert to find its missing senator.

This is an exact example of the lib (legacy) media’s ingrained bias against conservatives and their reluctance to take the constitution seriously except when they can engineer maneuvers around it. Anyone knows that a contract reads what it says, and adhering to the words of the contract is just that, adherence.

Only dopes who think that the constitution is a ‘living and breathing’ document, could read into mere adherence, as being ”a strict adherence” to it. It’s a question of whether you adhere to it, or being in violation of it, nothing more, nothing less.

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  1. It’s subtle propaganda implying there is something ‘wrong’ with these people. Any ‘intolerance’ to the left’s agenda is bigotry and racist. That is why I smile every time the NYTimes and other liberal newspapers report their bleak quarterly numbers. Their financial collapse is a beautiful thing.

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