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Diana’s next book could be titled: ”Conservative Betrayal”: An open assault on my character instead of debating the merits of a book based on facts alone.

In Diana’s column this week, she focuses on the immense ‘stir’ her book ‘American Betrayal’ has caused in traditional conservative news outlets, such as FPM and American Thinker. In place of civil, productive debate and counter argument, something that such a book by Diana should have warranted and deserves, what has transpired however has been nothing short of outright attacks peppered with vitriol that can only be accurately described as a character assassination meant to kill any sales of the book.

american betrayal

What did I do on my summer vacation?

I stayed home. The family went to the country this week but not me. I stayed behind to deal with a white-hot controversy.

About what?


Diana WestThus, I am now engaged in the painstaking job of rebutting an explosion of falsehoods and distortions about me and my new book, American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character. These attacks began appearing on the Internet last week at several neoconservative websites: first and mainly Frontpage Magazine (FPM), Pajamas Media and American Thinker.

Close to 10 pieces have appeared (more promised), all of them emanations of a 7,900-word book review at FPM that reviewer Ronald Radosh described as a “take-down” in one of his own three follow-up pieces. Two writers who followed suit admitted in print that they hadn’t read the book.

It is important to note that this lengthy “take-down” comes after an earlier, positive review of “American Betrayal” appeared at FPM. Controversial books spark different reactions, of course, but instead of leaving the original, positive review posted and commissioning a new review from a different perspective, FPM editor David Horowitz – noted free-speech advocate – pulled the positive review off the website.

The recent spate of attacks advance one notion in particular. They impugn my credibility as a writer based on allegations (which I am currently rebutting) against my accuracy, integrity and even sanity. Clearly, they want to kill this book. Thus, they depict me as inaccurate and dishonest. Fortunately, I have a nearly 30-year reputation as a journalist, columnist and published author to stand on as I mount what is, in fact, a defense of my livelihood.

Read it all here at Diana’s.

NOTE: A comment by Chester Riley to an earlier post:

I’ve read several different takes on the back-and-forth between Ms. West and Frontpage, et al. & what comes to mind is the apparatus the East Anglia U. global warming (mostly) hoax cabal has constructed to portray their mindset as THE mindset to have if you want to be considered a credible person the AGW field. If you’re some un-famous scientist, un-like “Hockey Stick” “Hide the Decline” Mann, who comes up with a differing conclusion to EAU’s dogma then you’re slammed, shamed and discredited wherever possible. No peer review approval for you, they’ll say, not conveying the peers of their group worship at the same altar of AGW religion as Al Gore.
Ms. West, whose book I’m actually reading and style I like, has dared to offer a differing opinion of a similar subject matter that FP, et al, apparently seems to think they have dominion over and are arbiter of. Not unlike the EAUers, it seems the long knives have come out to snuff a differing view of. No peer review approval for you!
And the idea of Ms. West not having ‘scholarship’ is another way of saying, ‘Hey, you don’t have the correct sheepskins proving you were indoctrinated by the right mindset.’ Pulling the, Snob Card, eh? Shove the sheepskins.
I’ve heard Ms. West speak (over the net) many times and her excellent grasp of the subject matter and her ability to have le mot juste make for great interviews, too. Her work shows up in publications that are legion plus, in American Betrayal, there are 900+ footnotes. Furthermore, the fact that Ms. West’s original intent was to write on the whitewashing of Muslim references from the military’s lexicon then ‘stumbled upon’ the book’s main thrust and let “the book write itself,”…well, I just put a whole lot of trust in that kind of passion in research.
It’s ironic, it seems another Truth Teller has sprung the malicious malign machine into action again.

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  1. I was completely disgusted by Clarice Feldman’s article on the book at American Thinker. They weren’t thinking at all to allow her hit piece on their website. First she admits she didn’t read the book. Then she insults everyone who has read it and gave it a good review.

    “Demagogic Writers and the People Who Love Them” She described herself and her writing in the title. Shameful.

  2. Exactly. Who writes a review that they haven’t read? The shameless friends of Frontpage do. I accused Conrad Black of that in an email and he did not deny it but instead told me to read his book.

    Thanks for your support. Best,

    1. More than welcome Jed! It’s says everything about them and nothing about Diana and her book, when supposedly serious scholars refuse to read a work because it holds an opposing view. They are exhibiting the exact same mindset of certain GW scientists who refuse data because it conflicts with their ”proven” science.

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