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The Middle East ‘peace process’ shuttle bunny.


In a way it’s almost a farcical comedy reality show, we all know why the Israelis, the Palestinians and the US are involved every two to three years in this ‘two step’ dance, it’s for appearance only.

  • The Israelis, knowing full well that there is no ‘partner for peace’ with a totalitarian, Islamic supremacist entity, will sign on, only because it’s being wrongfully imposed upon them.
  • The Palestinians, being a thugocracy ruled by Islamic tribes and clans with no intention of letting their international gravy train go, nor in seeing a Jewish state left standing on (what they claim as) formerly Muslim land, are more than happy for an opportunity to use the added international spotlight to smear the Israelis, knowing full well they will never be held accountable by the humanitarian racists.
  • The US, which has been meddling in ‘The Process’ for over 4 decades or so, doesn’t want other international powers to encroach on their turf, so in order to placate international and domestic voices, it periodically provides a platform knowing full well it will not lead to anything.

Read also Barry Rubin’s piece:

Now We Know The Truth: What’s Behind U.S. “Peace Process” Policy

I presume that talks would fail and after this explanation of what Kerry is doing I feel even more strongly that this will happen.  That’s why the Israeli government has accepted this bad deal, believing–I think accurately–that the PA will make the talks fail. I understand why this option was taken–also because there might be American or European additional threats and promises; nobody can be as bad as Obama in future–but really this tactic is getting tired.

H/T: Lisa Michelle

john kerry shuttle stupidty 2.8.2013

“The core issue of instability in this region and in many other parts of the world is the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,” said Kerry.

Rarely have time, words and jet fuel been so wasted.

First Reason: The PLO does not want peace with Israel, only a piece of Israel, and then another piece of Israel. Palestinians  had several chances for a Palestinian state—in 1947, in 1949, in 1967 in 1981, in 2000, in 2006—but always overreached, trying to dismember Israel rather than build Palestine.

Late PLO leader Yasser Arafat said he did not want to be “mayor of the West Bank,” and he did not like fixing sewer lines, but preferred to build concrete bunkers.

More here.

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