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In a more sane period of history, such a ‘journalist’ wouldn’t be employed very long if he refused to change his tune.

This is what we have come to expect from the media at large, and exactly why they’re bleeding in the readership department, because more and more people are wising up to their malfeasance dressed up as news reporting.

A real journalist with gate keepers who adhere to high standards of journalism, will go wherever the story leads them, and politics be damned, that’s not the case today, it’s politics first, second and third, and making sure the supposed ‘victim’ is given plenty of page space with little or no investigation of their claims.

NOTE: Repeat the cycle, rinse, and wash again.

arab anti-Israel news photo journalist hired 28.7.2013

For pro-Israel news readers, it is no surprise to learn that there are strong elements of anti-Israel reporting in much of the mainstream media.

But what about mainstream media outlets which employ people as their source for news about the Arab-Israeli conflict who are not only anti-Israel, but who are major players in anti-Israel activity? Can those media be trusted?


How about a photojournalist who is active in the Arab Palestinian “anti-normalization” movement – that is, a movement created to prevent debate in any form between Arabs and Israelis because such a process legitimizes the pro-Israel position. For advocates of this stance, anything that allows the Israel position on any issue is illegitimate, because Israel is illegitimate and Israel’s presence in the Middle East is illegitimate.

But the anti-normalization movement goes further.  Its position is that there should not be any exchanges of any kind between Israel and the Arab Palestinians, including negotiations, of course, but also cultural exchanges, academic exchanges, student co-existence groups or any other form of interaction in which the Arab side could be interpreted as legitimizing, or “treating as normal” anything to do with Israel or Zionism. (Some in this movement make an exception for Arab Palestinians who live in the disputed territories and who would face unemployment if they did not work for Israeli companies.)

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  1. One should never waste one’s time expecting truth, objective reporting, or objective journalism from the MSM (i.e. the government media complex) AKA the ‘Ministry of Truth and Propaganda’.

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