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Buyer’s remorse anyone?

rubio facepalm

Rubio waded into the immigration issue embracing a false notion, that Mexican illegals would one day, in large enough numbers, vote for the GOP. Those crossing the border illegally are low/no skill laborers, many of whom are lured by the expansive welfare state, and once hooked on the free stuff, will continue to vote for those doing the promising.

Many of these illegals have no intention of assimilating, and radical Leftist organizations like La Raza (The Race) will keep fanning the flames of victim hood, privilege and multiculturalism to ensure that many of these newcomers never embrace American culture. What will take place is the eventual unraveling of that society, as it becomes more balkanized and fractured.

King can barely mask his contempt for Republicans who subscribe to this theory. “They believe that somehow if we grant amnesty that Hispanics are going to come vote for Republicans. I think that’s not going to happen whether or not we pass amnesty,” King said. “If [Hispanics] vote, they’re going to be voting in the patterns that they have shown up to this point. And it’s clear, 75 percent or more of them are for more government, which means more taxes, and more dependability. And that means more undocumented Democrats.”


Rubio Stares Down the Right Over ‘Undocumented Democrats’

Marco Rubio was not amused.

The senator from Florida had listened patiently as a panel of hand-picked conservatives, lined up across a long table at the front of the room, took turns speaking about the prospects of immigration reform. When discussion finally opened to the anxious, overflowing crowd of lawmakers at the Republican Study Committee’s immigration summit, several were quick to critique their pro-reform colleagues—Rubio the headliner among them.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., argued they should be discussing a report by the Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector on the costs of amnesty. Rep. Scott Garrett, R-N.J., raised concerns about implementing an e-Verify system. But it was Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas, who got under Rubio’s skin.

Referencing a Jay Leno one-liner, Burgess questioned fellow conservatives about the wisdom of giving citizenship to “11 million undocumented Democrats.” Laughter, some of it nervous, spread throughout the room. But not everyone found Burgess’s crack funny. According to several people who attended the June 5 gathering, Rubio glared at Burgess.

This account, confirmed by multiple members and staffers, sheds light on what is perhaps the most politically obvious—and perpetually underplayed—conservative argument against providing citizenship to the nation’s illegal immigrants. With all the noise surrounding the debate over policy specifics—security measures, enforcement triggers, future flow, interior oversight—there is still an underlying political argument whispered among some of Congress’s most conservative members: After 71 percent of Hispanics voted for President Obama in 2012, why should Republicans add millions more to the voting rolls?

Not everyone feels the need to whisper. At this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, Rep.Steve King of Iowa—the leading immigration hard-liner in the House GOP—earned laughter and applause during an immigration panel when he quipped: “Even Republicans seem to think that these undocumented Democrats could be made voters and somehow we’re going to win in that equation. And what happens is that two out of every three that would be legalized become Democrats.”

Such commentary is not unusual from King, who is doing everything in his power, including organizing an anti-immigration event this week on the steps of the Capitol, to halt the momentum of reform efforts in the House. What’s telling is that he’s practically the only one making that point publicly. Even Burgess, who represents a deep-red congressional district and opposes “any proposal to grant amnesty to illegal aliens,” said his piece behind closed doors, in the basement of the Capitol, at an event that was off-limits to the press.

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  1. ‘more here’ link is ‘not found’. As for Rubio, he is done for. I will never support him and it would be wise for any Republican to stay away from him. He is poison for the Republican party.

  2. The ‘friends’of both parties will benefit from this debacle, the employers will have a vast pool of unskilled and semi-skilled workers competing for fewer jobs which will lead to wage suppression. The DemocRAT party will sign everyone up in short order so they can stay in power for decades to come. How sickening few win and the American people lose big time.

  3. “Inmigration reform = more democrat voters”

    Obvious, and most ‘latinos’ love populism and free stuff more than anything or anyone else (except for muslims- they are the ultimate definition of leecher). In our electoral campaigns, poor (and/or lazy) people sell their votes for a meal, for 10 bucks, for some construction materials, for access to a precarious healthcare system (like that of my country), …or something else plus few ‘too good for being real’ promises. So, a populist ideology like leftism can attract uneducated and stupid people with few ‘marvelous’ promises and few dollars spent on them. I have seen that people don’t want to overcome poverty, they don’t want to work, they simply want to laze around and get everything for free (indigents hide themselves when some governmental authority intends to hire them for doing simple jobs) . You can’t trust them for saving that country (nor even ours) .

    As a ‘latino’, i strongly believe one the worst errors US can make is to allow those hordes of illegals to stay legally in its territory (granting them amnesty or even citizenship). They are entitlement bitches who don’t care of anyone else as long as they get their way (if you listen to ‘latino’ pro-immigration ‘activists’ who appear on cnn en español you will see that). They will screw everything.

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