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My advice to the mayor of Antwerp, is to ask every single one of the jihadi wannabees to head for Syria, and stay there, and wipe their names from the city’s civil registry as well.

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jihadis from antwerp to be scrapped from the registery 16.6.2013

Scrapping these people from the civil registers is something that falls under my brief as Mayor.”

“It’s a long drawn-out procedure that has already been started up. Several checks have shown that they no long live in the city.
The Mayor of Antwerp also calls on young Muslims not to head for Syria this summer.

“Don’t listen to the radicals. There is a big chance that you won’t come back from Syria. It’s hell over there”, Mayor De Wever told the paper.

Mr De Wever added that he didn’t believe that there was much chance that those already in Syria would return. “These Antwerp jihadis know that they will face prosecution. They will be detained if they show their faces here again.”

Bart De Wever says that there 22 jihadis from Antwerp currently in Syria. They all had ties with the now defunct Islamist group Sharia4Belgium.

“They are all adults. Some are even married with children and have often taken their families over to Syria. They probably intend never to return”, the Mayor of Antwerp told VRT radio news.

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  1. This is worth reading and publicising

    The Slaughter Has Begun

    Translator note: There was a request in the comment area for the translation of this article, and so it is done. The original German article by Akif Pirincci is titled “Das Schlachten hat begonnen (The slaughter has begun)” and can be found on the website “Die Achse des Guten” (The Axis of Good).

  2. “Don’t listen to the radicals. There is a big chance that you won’t come back from Syria.”

    They know that Mr. Mayor and they don’t care. They are not afraid to die. Don’t try to discourage them from going. Let them go. Just don’t let them come back!

  3. The slaughter of drummer Lee Rigby has had a seismic shift in opinions of people about Islam and Muslims, despite the best efforts of the MSM and ruling political elite.

    It has also led to paranoia among Muslims. They are loosing it. The number of knife attacks, and other violent acts has spiked, which confirms it. It could also be a policy to incite counter violence leading to sectarian violence as in Islamic countries, as we proceed to destroy ourselves. In that sense, our leaders are right not to fall for it, and thus suppress any EDL types of demonstrations.

    In addition, Muslim spokesmen have been desperately trying to pin the blame on radicalising Muslims on our foreign policy. But just as the political elite reject the idea of Jihad and violence in Islam, they also categorically reject the idea that it has anything to with our policy of “bringing freedom and democracy” to Islamic lands.

    For years now, I have seen this policy as deliberate, with a view to achieving total victory. The West has never been satisfied with military victory – it is too easy in this case. The West, particularly the USA ad the UK, are never satisfied until the ideology of the enemy is discredited and crushed.

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