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But how do you know you lost one?

Posted on June 4, 2013 by Eeyore

In many private musings with people, both personal friends and counter-jihad comrades, I have quipped that I, at least in part, blame WW2 movies for the state of things today.

Islam has waged a war on us in a manner we simply cannot recognize as actually being war. The strategy and tactics blindside us all because unless it is in black and white, has uniformed men shooting at each other we can’t accept it as hostile action intended to dominate and/or destroy us and our systems of governance.

I think it was Sun Tzu in art of war that said something to the effect that ‘when waging war on an enemy it’s best that they do not know they are at war’. or words very much to that effect. Well that is certainly what they did and if you read through the Muslim Brotherhood materials intended for their own use or more easily accessed, Stephen Coughlin’s Time lines brief, you can see that this was intended and even blueprinted much earlier in Q’tub’s ‘Milestones’ book which the MB drew from extensively.


I would argue it is when people who are advocating the complete destruction of all of our institutions, The changing of our heroes into villains and their villains into heroes. The loss of personhood status in law for all non-muslims in our own countries, the ridicule and misrepresentation of our histories from the streets and even now in our own schools, and flagrant demonstrations of breach of law, or the selective enforcement of it to favour muslims in nearly any circumstances even to the extent that government and media would collude to hide the islamic nature of massive, never-before-seen scale child rape gangs of non-muslim girls, and they can do this with near total immunity from fear either from the general public, or from authorities.

Meanwhile, people who advocate the most banal and formerly tepid views for our nations, that all people should be equal before the law, that Jewish people or gay people should have no fear from government on the streets, (although not necessarily pushing an agenda in schools) the idea that laws decided on by democratic institutions and derived from common law precedents or the local constitution need to live under 24 hour protection in their own lands like Geert Wilders and many Americans, or wear armour in the streets of their ancestral neighborhoods like Tommy Robinson of the EDL, or members of political parties in Germany, France or Scandinavia who simply believe in national sovereignty and the rule of secular law who are routinely knifed, attacked and prosecuted by both muslim groups and even components of the actual government.

Read it all here.

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