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Of course they do.

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A soldier sending just an incredible number of classified documents out into the world, a volume of documents that suggests that he had no ability to vet them so for all he knew he was sending out information that could lead to the deaths of thousands of US military personnel and documents that would, because of the very nature of the venue he chose as recipient, absolutely become available to any US enemy with an internet connection, is not anywhere close to the same thing as a whistle blower, congressional leaker or administration leaker telling media of a specific bad act or pattern of bad acts and providing just enough documents, specific to that bad act, to prove the case. It is the difference between sending a cruise missile through the bedroom window of a specific bad guy and unleashing with a .50 cal machine gun into a crowded street festival that bad guy is attending.
That neither Manning nor most of the media understand the difference is a significant part of the problem.

I agree. This man is nothing close to a hero, being nothing more than a self absorbed traitor. His politics were clearly of more importance to him than loyalty to his country, he deserves the book thrown at him.

hollywood scumbaggery supports bradly manning 5.6.2013

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  1. I agree, they are all Bradly Manning – a bunch of traitors.

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