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brit prison guards fearful of muslim inmates 29.5.2013

By Rosa Silverman, and Tom


11:51AM BST 28 May 2013

Three prisoners were reported to have held the warden, who suffered a fractured cheekbone, hostage before stabbing him during a four-hour stand-off with guards on Sunday afternoon.

The attack at Full Sutton prison in East Yorkshire was said to have left the officer “badly shaken”, while a female prison guard was also understood to have been injured as she tried to intervene.

The incident reportedly took place after a prison imam called for inmates to pray for Drummer Rigby.

The North East Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) has been called in to lead the investigation.

A spokesman said: “Inquiries are ongoing to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident. Given the potential nature of the incident and the range of skills and expertise within the North East CTU, the unit is leading the investigation at this time.”

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  1. Put the dirtbags in a supermax prison, we have quite a few in the US they are the only ones where the guards are fully in charge. Those who act like animals have shown they need to be caged.

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