The handful of them are too chicken to raise their heads, the rest are more than happy to continue as before, holding their intolerant beliefs (being careful in keeping them below the surface) and ply their money into the mosques and salaries of the fundamentalist preachers.


by PAMELA GELLER 28 May 2013 

In the wake of the monstrous beheading of a young British man in broad daylight by Muslims who cited the Qur’an to explain and justify their ritual slaughter has come the predictable reaction – blame anything except Islam’s violent teachings — from the left and their media propagandists. But where are the “moderate Muslims”?

The kneejerk reaction from Muslim spokespeople and the “leaders” of various Muslim organizations after the bloody beheading of a young British soldier and father in the streets of London, the copycat stabbing of a French soldier by a Muslim who is still at large in Paris, and the bloody bombing of women, children and families on a bright shiny Monday in Boston, has been a deflection of responsibility, as well as secondary attacks on the kuffar. We are admonished and schooled on a mythical narrative of anti-Muslim backlash and “Islamophobia.” We hear, meanwhile, no cries for reform. “Moderate Muslims” hold no protests against the jihad here or abroad.

But historically, they protest us. They protest our freedom rallies. The Daily Mail reported Monday that the jihad murderer Mujahid Adebolajo “was among hundreds of young Muslims who gathered outside Harrow Central Mosque in North-West London” on September 11, 2009, so as to “‘defend’ it against a planned joint protest by the English Defence League and Stop the Islamisation of Europe group.” The jihad murderer was protesting our group – in the company of numerous Muslim “moderates” who deplored our “Islamophobia.”

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