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Taqiyya meter massive overload.

Who does she think she’s fooling, this isn’t the day after 9/11 for crying out loud? We have over 12 years of continuous jihadi attacks on the West and throughout the Islamic world, with all of them waving the koran and their hadiths as justification, a living testimony, to the veracity of their deeds.

We are that much more wise to the tricks of the apologists who are desperate to apply the thin veneer of religion (early Meccan period) over the acts and deeds of the basic Islam 101’ers who are applying (the Medina period which abrogates much of former) the koran to the letter.

NOTE: Jihad is a key, central core to sharia, its why jihad exists…to institute the sharia…a Muslim can’t live without the sharia (or at least shouldn’t be according to Islamic orthodoxy that governs all of Islam)…so this is all fancy dressed twaddle. There is nothing that the ”duality in Islam” doesn’t cover, so she pretends that it doesn’t exist, Bill Warner has much to say about that here.

H/T: My right hand, Zemira Eli Natan

”Fuzzy” Saeed offering up pure bull crap for the ignorant and willfully ignorant.


Militants have no nationality or religion- Its time we changed our Narrative

Fuzzy: ”We unwittingly help their cause when we conflate them with the whole of the Islamic faith.”

Citizens of peaceful countries cannot continue to live in fear, seeing the space for their daily activities steadily reduced. The Boston Marathon bombing has created the potential for generating worldwide support to deal with the menace of terrorism.

Many militants call themselves jihadis and crusaders of Islam. We have chosen to describe them with their chosen terms. But we should not. When we address them in this way, we help spread their false ideology for them. It is time we changed the narrative.

Extremists associated with Al-Qaida and other terrorist networks have defined a common narrative. They deny the concepts of nation-states and democracy. They claim their goal is to establish a supranational Islamic community (Ummah) across the world under one controlling structure (Caliphate), with Al-Qaida at its head.

They train their followers to think of themselves only as Muslims. They allow no other identity, whether ethnic or national. They push their followers to think of the rest of the world as the “Other.”

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  1. There is NO conflation in this idea. If you attend a mosque, you will learn that muslims call themselves “The Nation of Islam”. Recognizing no borders or governments that trump their faux religion. This is purposeful speaking/writing with malice aforethought used to subdue the ignorant masses everywhere and to deceive them into accepting islamic hives (mosques) much like buying a jar of wasp honey from a huckster. They have this idea beaten into them but still they manage to reveal their true secret identity on occasion. From time to time we all get to witness the curtain being swept aside when we see contempt laden violence perpetrated on ordinary citizens in The House of War (ALL non-islamic states).

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