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Don’t worry Lars, the police say they just had knives….

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Three men suspected of committing an act of terror receive financial Compensation

Posted on May 26, 2013 by Eeyore

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The three men were suspected of planning to assasinate the controversial artist Lars Vilks during a grand opening of the art gallery “Røda Stenen”  Photo: Anders Wejrot

Three men suspected of committing  an act of terror receives financial Compensation.

Three men accused of attempting to assassinate Lars Vilks in the autumn of 2011 were recently awarded financial compensation by the Attorney General.

The three men were arrested in Gothenburg in autumn 2011 on suspicion of conspiracy to commit terrorist crimes. These charges was later changed to “conspiring to commit murder”.

All three men were suspected of planning to assassinate the controversial artist Lars Vilks in connection with a grand opening celebration in “Røda Sten” art gallery. The police also closed Røda Stenen in order to search for a suspected bomb.

– “During the investigation it has become clear to us that this was not related to any plans to assasinate Lars Vilks,” said Chief Prosecutor Agnetha Hilding Qvarnström to GØteborgsposten (newspaper) in February 2012.

Will compensation

The three men were in placed in custody but was eventually just convicted of “illegal possession of knives”. And now they receive financial compensations from the Swedish state.

According to TT ( one of the suspects asked for half a million Swedish krones (75 thousand US dollars) in compensation, the other two demanded over a million Swedish krones (150 thosand US dollars) each in compensation for their suffering.

Now, the Attorney General has decided that one of the three men to wil be awarded SEK 135 000 (20 thousand US dollars). The two other two gets close to 130 000 (19,5 thousand US Dollars.

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  1. Wow, you can’t make this sh** up! Not the most creative minds in the world could make up some of the headlines you read today? They are so insane, you would think they are from a satire site poking fun at journalism. But they are real. SO how long will it before the Swedes are broke from paying the jizya? Almost all the muslims they invited in are draining the treasury at a pretty good clip, and apparently the Swedes want more, a lot more. LOL

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