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It could only be that way.

muslim inmates

I seriously doubt guards have troubles with ”prisoners for Jesus” inmates. Interestingly enough, Muslim prisoners, as well prison conversion to Islam, produces a completely different kind of inmate.

FM: BadNewsFromTheNetherlands:

Muslims Discriminate against other Prisoners

Dutch prisoners feel threatened by other prisoners with Muslim backgrounds. This was published by the DailySpits. Dutch prisoners complain that they are being cursed at and continuously exposed to hissing sounds of gas. No assistance is given to them by the jailers, because according to a prisoner, they are afraid of the Muslim prisoners themselves. The non-Muslim prisoners have complained to the Commission of Supervision, but nothing happens. Jaap Brandligt, Director of an organization called Bonjo which deals with the interests of prisoners, has acknowledged that there are tensions between Muslim and non-Muslim prisoners.

prisoners claim discrimination by muslims in dutch jail 26.5.2013

More here in Dutch.

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  1. What do you expect? Those following Jesus become more like Jesus and those following Mohomet become more like Mohomet; and it’s much easier to be bad than to be good, that’s why text adherent muslims are so good at Islam.

    It does feel good to speak my mind!

  2. I think a little apartheid is in order here. Separate the Muslims from the rest of the prison population.

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